Giving Cayman the buzz

It appears Buzz the Bee has become a very effective mascot in the advertising community, so much so that Cayman Free Press management has decided to change the name of its independent telephone directory to Cayman Buzz.

Cayman Buzz will provide everything any business or person needs in a full-listing phone directory service, using striking features that will make it extremely user-friendly.

It will include information pages, island pages plus a map, government pages, menu and restaurant pages, a retail section, and separate listings for businesses and residents.

Cayman Buzz will be a complete calendar year publication with the first issue delivered January 2007. Cayman Buzz will cover all classifications relevant to the residents and businesses in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Buzz will have independent sections for phone usage including calling features and international calling and area codes.

Cayman Buzz will go to every office and household on all three Cayman Islands.

Cayman Buzz will be of magazine-quality paper, informative, easy to read with lots of features and exciting extras.

As a bonus, Cayman Buzz will also be online at, which will include an interactive map and CFP product information searching.

Cayman Buzz will be more cost effective than any other directory in the Cayman Islands market; it will be of high quality; and also have the luxury of being associated with the well respected and popular products of Cayman Free Press.

Cayman Buzz will be the phone directory, offering landline and mobile phone numbers, which everyone will want to be in.

To be included in the Cayman Buzz, contact Jerry Arnold at 526-9000 or via email at [email protected].

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