Station forecourts aren’t detours

I wish to comment on a very dangerous practice, which has become a habit of late.

I have personally observed an increasing number of drivers who use service-station forecourts as detours.

This generally involves stations located at busy intersections where, rather than waiting for the traffic lights to change, motorists opt to drive through the stations.

Some motorists have been observed travelling between, or near to, fuel pumps at high speeds – just to save a few minutes waiting for the light to change from red to green. They are endangering themselves, their passengers, and others in the vicinity.

Gasoline pumps are installed with ‘shear valves’ under each unit. If hit, the valve has a safety feature that normally closes the valve, shutting off gasoline flow to that pump. However, there is always a possibility that the valve could fail to close when it is hit, which would create a serious problem.

I encourage service station personnel and the public to warn anyone following this dangerous practice to stop using station forecourts as bypasses for traffic lights.

It is not safe and it is very dangerous!

Gary McTaggart
Chief Petroleum Inspector Cayman Islands Government

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