Dog wash a howling success

Anyone driving through Scranton last Sunday might have looked twice, as Rohelios Car Wash was transformed in to a dog wash.

The Cayman Islands Humane Society, with the aid of Rohelios donation of water and premises, scrubbed away for many hours at one of their regular community dog washes.

Volunteers and a team from Island Veterinary Services were on hand to help give the lucky canines a beauty treatment fit for a king or queen. Fur was trimmed, nails were clipped and the dogs were washed, groomed and left smelling beautiful and looking rather dashing.

One of the first lucky clients was Bow Wow belonging to an RCIP Inspector who paved the way for 25 other pooches in need of a bit of pampering.

Veterinarian professionals gave a head to toe inspection, signed up a number of dogs for free spay and neuter procedure, and gave general advice on dog care. Treats were handed by the dozens to the clean lads and lasses.

‘Rohelio’s is a new venue for our community dog wash,’ stated organizer Suzanne Gatta, ‘but it turned out to be the perfect location and we are thrilled at the turn out today.’

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