New Year’s on agenda

A decision will be made by Cabinet this September regarding its policy for licensed premises’ operating hours this New Year’s Eve.

Cabinet is to review the matter with a decision to be made in September to allow sufficient time for businesses to plan their New Year’s Eve events, said Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford.

However, Mr. Clifford noted that this year’s New Year’s Eve is a different situation from last year’s. This year the celebrations fall on a Sunday while last year they fell on a Saturday, an important difference to note, he said.

Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman Mitchell Welds said that on Sunday nights after midnight, at 12.01am (Monday morning), licensed premises can start up live music provided they get the necessary approval for an extension to their licenses. An application for an extension for both a Music and Dancing License and for a Liquor License would need to be made to the Liquor Licensing Board.

The length of any extension granted is up to the discretion of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Welds said.

In general, only pre-recorded soft background music is permitted in restaurants and public areas of hotels on Sundays and dancing is not permitted.

In other licensed premises dancing or the playing of music on Sundays is not permitted.

Last year Cabinet made the decision not to extend the hours for licensed establishments on New Year’s Eve, by upholding the law banning live music and alcohol sales past midnight on Saturday evening.

Because of this the Liquor Licensing Board could not entertain any bar extensions for the occasion.

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