Cayman car a hit at 2006 NASCAR races

The Cayman Islands has captured a marketing checkered flag this year in the form of a NASCAR race car driven by Busch series driver Donnie Neuenberger.

NASCAR driver Donnie Neuenberger

NASCAR driver Donnie Neuenberger and sponsor Craig Arch of Arch Automotive with the replica Cayman Car driven by Mr. Neuenberger in Daytona this year.

Mr. Neuenberger was in Grand Cayman this past weekend along with a fully driveable replica of his ‘Cayman Islands’ brand vehicle to showcase the campaign.

The ‘Cayman Car’ is part of a project developed by Arch Automotive and Spectrum Promotions to promote the Cayman Islands to the millions of NASCAR fans across North America.

Each appearance the car bearing the Cayman Islands brand made garnered him loads of attention, says Mr. Neuenberger.

‘It’s a lot of fun. People are always coming up to me and asking about the Cayman Islands and it’s an honour to be promoting such a great place,’ he said at an event Friday.

Through his involvement with Goodyear, sponsor Craig Arch has known Mr. Neuenberger since his early days as a NASCAR driver.

‘We’re from the same part of Maryland, and through my involvement with Goodyear, Donnie and I have crossed paths many times over the 13 years he’s been racing. ‘

‘When we came up with this project, Donnie was naturally our first choice,’ he said. ‘We just knew he’d be perfect for it.’

It’s hard to argue.

Mr. Neuenberger’s friendly and outgoing personality were well in evidence this past weekend. At an event held at Aqua Beach he had a small crowd around him as he chatted with NASCAR fans and signed specially designed toy cars and t-shirts

‘I’m happy to do it,’ he said with a grin, making it immediately clear he’s an ideal ambassador for the Cayman Islands in the hugely popular sport.

The car has made two Daytona appearances so far, although Mr. Neuenberger says it would be nice to hit twelve races if the team can find the financial backing. The limitation is cost, as about US$100,000 is needed to run the car per race.

Mr. Arch said the car has also garnered a lot of on-island attention from NASCAR-loving cruise visitors who he is sure will spread the word when they get back home.

He is hopeful the Cayman Car will become a fixture at Daytona and continue its unique way of promoting tahe Cayman Islands for years to come.

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