Men need to take fitness to heart

Picture this: Joe walks into the dining room after his lovely wife, smiling to himself as he follows her slim, slinky dress. She’s the same weight as when they began dating, he marvels to himself. Even after the kids!

‘Wait a minute, who’s that guy she’s with? The one with the big belly (side views self in mirror). Joe’s startled! Wait a second; he’s wearing the same shirt as me. YAGH….it’s me!’

Are you like Joe? Lots of men today are while women continue on the fitness bandwagon and newly franchised trendy fitness centers whistle to the bank.

More and more guys are having difficulty seeing things below their waistline.

Some men are concerned with serious health issues related to being overweight and out of shape. For some, there’s a family risk factor to stay reminded of.

Pumping iron and running on a treadmill is not for everybody. Finding alternative ways to get fit will make the fitness challenge more enjoyable.

Taking up a new sport or returning to one is a good step.

Golfing, tennis, cricket, squash, swimming, badminton, cycling, diving and kyaking are excellent recreational activities that promote health and wellness.

Some men work all day in strenuous jobs yet still struggle with a few extra pounds. This may be related to poor diet and untimely eating patterns. Solutions can be found.

So, if you’re a man and find yourself with a ballooning belly and lowering levels of motivation to move, here are simple changes you can begin today.

Two powerful weapons against the life-threatening diseases of cancer and coronary heart failure and related diseases are healthy eating and active living.

Healthy-living tips to get you started

Check with your Doctor if you have any concerns.

Make a commitment to a walking/activity program. Plan to walk/exercise up to 45 minutes four times weekly. (Please start slowly if you are really out of shape). Get active.

Give up the French fries, and put fire to all deep-fried fat for the last time. Give up all deep-fried food. Choose jerked/baked or roasted chicken with baked potatoes instead. Bake, steam or grill fish

Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fish from the sea, meat from the land, fruits from the bounty of nature. Eat well and wisely. Practice moderation.


Lifestyles healthy living seminars/classes resume in October with a program designed to help men lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. Put your heart into it. Do it for your heart.

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