Dolphins bring opportunities

Many people are taking a stance against the captive dolphin facilities on the island and their main motive of defence is that it’s simply cruelty to lock dolphins in a cage. What they don’t realise is if we don’t someone else will.

These dolphins are not plucked out of the wild and suddenly put in cages. They are born and raised in captivity. They are taught tricks and have been interacting with humans all their lives.

Dolphins are beautiful creatures and I am excited that there will be an on island opportunity to interact with them.

This will also not only generate incredible revenue but also educate and provide one-of-a-kind jobs for locals. Many children admire the trainers in Sea World and other similar water parks and dream of becoming a trainer…well here is their chance!

Some people insist it’s about the money. Of course it is. Everything in this world is about money. And it is because of money why Cayman is such a comfortable society to live in. There are no slums in Cayman, no ghettos in comparison to other countries! The pros outweigh the cons and the dolphin facilities are an example of such a situation.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon of environmental defence until you have educated yourself. Just because it is the popular notion, doesn’t make it the right one.

Josephine Shibli

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