Margaritaville has lofty sights for Cayman

Visitors to George Town within the next few weeks may come across some lofty sights as stilt walkers from soon-to-open Margaritaville are planned to take to the streets.

Jimmy Buffett’s themed restaurant, entertainment and merchandise chain, set to open within a matter of weeks, is recruiting stilt walkers in an effort to promote the establishment, which has chains across the Caribbean and the US.

Arthur Screaton, general manager of Margartiville, said they are looking to recruit three or four stilt walkers, however that there had not been any applicants yet to adverts running in the press.

‘To be honest, we didn’t expect to get many,’ he said.

The venue already has one stilt walker, an entertainment supervisor from Jamaica, who, Mr. Screaton said, will be out in George Town stilt walking imminently.

‘I hope that by having a stilt walker out on the street it will generate more interest in the positions and we may get some people apply.’

The stilt walkers will work as a team to generate excitement about Margaritaville, located in the Anchorage Centre, George Town. Mr. Screaton said they will be expected to entertain passers-by with magic tricks, making balloon animals and juggling.

No previous experience is needed, although the general manager said that applicants should be ‘somewhat athletic’ and enjoy chatting with the public.

Mr. Screaton said new recruits will undergo ‘intensive’ four to five-day training, from an entertainment supervisor.

‘We are looking for people with great personalities. You have got to enjoy people,’ he said.

The stilts are approximately three to four feet high.

‘They are like learning how to ride a bicycle. It’s all about balance,’ Mr. Screaton said.

The general manager said that at present Margaritaville had no further plans to recruit any other circus-style entertainers adding that the stilt walkers are part of the ‘creative product Margaritaville provides.’

The themed venue hopes to receive applications from Caymanians and legal residents for these positions. Philip Scott, deputy director of the Department of Employment Relations, said that at present there are no registered un-employed stilt walkers with the department.

Margaritaville will take up some 15,000 feet and accommodate 642 people. The venue will offer three bars; one in the restaurant, one in the nightclub and a pool bar. Highlights will include a hot tub, 24 televisions throughout the restaurant, a retail shop and a waterslide. The food will feature some Margaritaville favourites, such as the Cheeseburger in Paradise, as well as local cuisine, including jerk chicken, marinated conch and fish Cayman style.

The stilt walkers will join a team of approximately 85 employees.

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