Cayman International School opens

Back to school spirit was in high gear as students and teachers alike expressed their excitement about the new home for the Cayman International School at the ribbon cutting ceremony held 1 September.

Cayman Interna-tional School

Mom Angel Rutty with children Hannah, Gannon and Raegan and teacher Janet Bell with son Tyler chat with lead architect Larry Kline of Spillis Candella in Ms Bells new kindergarten classroom. Photo: Basia Pioro

The $20-million facility was officially opened by Governor Stuart Jack, School Principal Gregory Hedger, and Dart Realty (Cayman) CEO Mark VanDevelde.

The new school is the first building to open on the new Camana Bay site.

Teachers, Camana Bay employees and their children were joined by many of the local contractors, architects, engineers and suppliers who were able to pull through under tight deadlines to build the facility in time for the start of the school year.

‘I warmly welcome this important milestone in the Camana Bay project and endorse the school’s stated objectives which include contributing to the local community and respect for the environment as well as high educational standards,’ said Governor Jack.

‘Putting education at the heart of Camana Bay symbolizes a commitment to the development and growth of Cayman for the future.’

Dart Senior Vice President of Design Sandy Urquhart remarked one would be hard pressed to find a new town development in which the first buildings to open were a school.

‘It is a testament to the Dart family’s commitment to building a community at Camana Bay,’ he said.

The first phase to open of the new campus features airy classrooms, a library, numerous play areas, computer labs, an art room, a music room and, most importantly in students’ eyes, lockers.

Kindergarten teacher and parent Janet Bell summed it up well.

‘There is just so much we are looking forward to that the facilities and programmes our new home will be providing. The kids can’t wait to go back to school and that says it all right there,’ she said.

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