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Cayman International School checks air quality during landfill fires

If the huge plume of black, billowing smoke wasn't enough to let Cayman International School know the landfill was on fire last week and that it might be time to close down for the day, the school has another way of telling if it's time to evacuate – it has its own handheld air-quality monitors.

‘Moonlight’ the turtle released into wild

A green sea turtle named Moonlight is now in its forever home in the Caribbean Sea, thanks to Grade 2 students at Cayman International School.

Prep nets primary football titles

Cayman Prep came close to making it a clean sweep of Cayman’s three primary school football divisions over the weekend, winning two of the three league titles in the CUC Primary Football League. 

Schools invited to plant trees as part of regional project

The first trees to be planted in the Cayman Islands as part of the Caribbean Tree Planting Project were placed in the ground at Cayman International School last week.

Teens talk mental health in Cayman

Several Youth Ambassadors from John Gray High School, Clifton Hunter High School and Cayman International School spoke with the Cayman Compass about the programme and why mental health matters to them.

Technological and social challenges complicate remote learning

While few of Cayman’s young people have become physically ill from the virus, they are living with its social and developmental consequences. School closures, mandated in mid-March, mean most students in Cayman have not seen friends, teachers or coaches face-to-face in 12 weeks. Homes have become classrooms, parents have become teachers, and teachers have become masters of improvisation.
Cayman International School

Cayman schools test distance learning

Cayman schools have responded to disasters in the past. Emergencies like hurricanes and fires are events administrators know to prepare for.

Schools take on robotics challenge

Cayman International School took first place at the Minds Inspired FIRST Tech Challenge interschool robotics competition, held Saturday at the Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Centre.

Gay Straight Alliance opens to all young people

Cayman International School student Zoe Sulisz, 17, who started the Gay Straight Alliance club at her school last year, has opened up membership to students from different schools along with any other interested youth.

Student activists turn the lens on Cayman’s growing pains

A new campaign by the student group focusses on the issue of greed by highlighting sites such as the landfill, the cleared KAABOO festival grounds and other locations that demonstrate the strains of development in Grand Cayman.

Primary school football leagues return

Saturday morning excitement returned to primary school fields across Grand Cayman as the 2019 CUC Primary Football League and Girls Primary Football League regular seasons kicked off last weekend.

Cayman International School gears up to open new preschool

This may not be the best space for someone with obsessive compulsive disorder. Straight lines are in short supply.

CIS win secondary school beach volleyball tournament

With the Private School Association Volleyball league now complete and summer just around the corner, many student athletes are trying their best to enjoy what’s left of the First Baptist Indoor Volleyball league before they have to hang up their trainers and put away their knee pads for yet another season.

Letter: Don’t discourage recycling habits

Currently, we are deterring people from continuing to recycle, causing the most detrimental part of our island, the dump, to expand at a rapid rate.

EDITORIAL – Bringing our history to life

We are glad to see so many young people taking these lessons to heart.

Seniors share stories of Cayman’s past with students

For the second time around, Cayman International School students have embarked on an interview-based project to document experiences and life stories with Cayman’s older generations.

Robotics challenge creates a buzz

In a crowded sports hall, students whoop with delight as their classmates rack up another point to gain a knife-edge victory against an opposing team. For once it is not a basketball or soccer match that is generating this level of excitement, but an academic tournament.

First STEM teachers award winners announced

Teachers from Island Montessori and St. Ignatius High School were honoured Thursday night as the first recipients of the Minds Inspired STEM Teacher Award.

Young scientists veer towards the practical

There was the requisite baking soda volcano. But there was also a study on the ‘Amazing Effects of Fish Poop,’ a survey of jellyfish populations, a look at how quickly biodegradable utensils break down, data gathered on which Cayman beach has the cleanest sand, and an incubator decorated as a chicken, where lots of little girls gathered to watch chicks hatch from a tray of eggs.

Work starts on Camana Bay residential community

Project officials broke ground Friday on Camana Bay’s first for-sale residential development, known as ‘OLEA’.
Cayman International School

Cayman International School students exposed to chlorine vapour

Police responded to an incident at Cayman International School Wednesday morning and took six students to Cayman Islands Hospital after they had been exposed to chlorine vapours.

Students to create murals from collected bottle caps

There is a day, it seems, for everything. We had Pi Day on March 14. Wednesday was the first day of spring, but, according to the National Day Calendar, it was also Ravioli Day. Friday is Puppy Day. And Saturday is Bottle Cap Day.

Local student aces Cayman Water World Water Day poetry contest

Water is not just a building block of life and a precious natural resource. In this case, it has also served as an inspiration for Cayman’s best students.

Around the island in 8 days

Teen athlete Charles-Antoine Sokohl ran around the island in eight days to raise more than $8,000 to help fund special education support for underprivileged children.

Students master chess for tournament

More than 120 students from eight local schools participated in the inaugural Dart Minds Inspired Interschool Chess Tournament.

Debate team argues for repeat victory

Sadie Finch and Marin Hughes of Cayman International School defended their title Thursday night at the eighth Conyers Dill & Pearman Interschool Debate at St. Ignatius Catholic School.

International School to hold open house

The Cayman International School is holding an early childhood and elementary open house from 9-10:30 a.m. Thursday.

A look back at the year that was

The year 2018 was an eventful one for the Cayman Islands.

CIS volleyballers return from Caribbean schools tournament

Two teams from Cayman International School have returned from their third Caribbean Area International School Sports Association volleyball tournament in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Director says Cayman International School expansion on track

Officials at Cayman International School expect to have a new preschool ready in August 2019, followed by a new high school building in 2020.

Schoolgirls design Christmas cards for fundraiser

Santa Claus arrived a little early this year for Chloe Connolly, 9, and Bella Grieff, 15. On Tuesday, the two girls were announced as winners of a Christmas card design contest, which is part of a fundraising drive for Hannah’s Heroes.

Cayman International holds public meeting on expansion

Cayman International School is holding a public meeting at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 1, on the expansion of the school campus.

Dart scholars on Ontario tour

Students taking part in the 2018 Dart Scholar program visited waste management and renewable energy facilities in Ontario, Canada, this summer.

Students head back to the books

Rowan McLean is not looking forward to the early alarm going off on Monday. Its buzz will mean the end of summer and a return to school.

School start times for fall semester

All government primary schools reopen on Monday, Aug. 27, at 8:30 a.m.

Cayman International School expansion approved

Plans for a $45 million expansion that will double the size of the Cayman International School were approved by the Central Planning Authority Wednesday.

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