Cayman Water sponsors local art competition

Wesleyan Christian Academy's painting appears to show water flooding and overwhelming Grand Cayman.

Cayman Water is counting on art to impart an important message.

The utility company has enlisted the help of three local schools – Grace Christian Academy, Cayman International School and Weslyan Christian Academy – to participate in an art competition centered on water as an essential building block of Cayman society.

The three schools each entered one painting in the competition, and people can vote on the winner by visiting Cayman Water’s Facebook page and clicking “Like” on their favorite work of art. The competition will run through June 21, said Manuel Thomaz, general manager of Cayman Water.

“We want to be closer to the community. That’s very important for Cayman Water,” said Mr. Thomaz. “We don’t want to be just a company that supplies a product and gets money. We want to be part of the community and we think one good way to do it is to do these kinds of partnerships with schools. Kids are more open to new ideas and we think they’ll talk about these ideas at home with their parents.”

Cayman Water provided the brushes and canvases for the competition, and the three paintings chosen to represent the various schools were composed by children between the ages of 7 and 10.

Consolidated Water, the parent company of Cayman Water, will feature the winning painting in its annual report, which will be distributed to stockholders all around the world. The winning school will be awarded $500, and the class responsible for the winning painting will tour a local desalination plant.

Mr. Thomaz said the company has had great cooperation from local teachers and principals, and it hopes to continue the competition next year and open it to a wider array of schools.

Grace Christian Academy’s painting depicts people enjoying water at several Cayman landmarks.

The art classes were instructed to highlight the importance of water for West Bay, and their painting is supposed to underline how West Bay can use water healthfully and productively.

The painting from Grace Christian Academy depicts people enjoying the beach and the Cayman Turtle Centre, and the Cayman International School painting portrays a sea life scene with the slogan “Water is important!!!” The final entry from Wesleyan Christian Academy shows water submerging an island and surrounding several buildings.

“It’s very important,” said Mr. Thomaz of educating children. “Water is a scarce resource, especially on an island where you don’t have rivers, dams or reservoirs. All the water we produce – even for much of the irrigation – needs to be desalinated. It’s an expensive process. We don’t have problems in Cayman because there’s enough capacity between us and the Water Authority to supply the whole island. But everybody should be aware of the importance of water. They really shouldn’t waste water.”

Cayman International School’s artwork is a simple sea life motif emblazoned with an important message.

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