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Consolidated Water declares cash dividend after record quarter

The board of Consolidated Water declared a cash dividend of $0.085 per share after the developer and operator of water supply and treatment plants posted record revenue in the first quarter of the year.

Local student aces Cayman Water World Water Day poetry contest

Water is not just a building block of life and a precious natural resource. In this case, it has also served as an inspiration for Cayman’s best students.

Cayman Water, OfReg still negotiating new licensing deal

Cayman Water has yet to reach an agreement with the Utilities Regulation and Competition Office to serve customers in the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas, according to the 2018 annual report from Cayman Water’s parent company, Consolidated Water.

Cayman Water adds new plant at Abel Castillo Water Works

Cayman Water has opened a new plant at its Abel Castillo Water Works facility located off the Esterley Tibbetts Highway in West Bay, adding another million gallons of production per day with a chance to double that output.

OfReg and Cayman Water resume talks

After the Utilities Regulation and Competition Office (OfReg) rejected Cayman Water’s most recent proposal for a licensing deal to serve customers in the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas, the two parties have resumed negotiations.

‘Fresh Start’ brings hope of rehabilitation

Chris Myles conducts his work day just like everyone else.

Cayman Water sends aid to Meals on Wheels

Cayman Water and its customers have come together to aid a local charity.

Wesleyan Christian Academy wins Cayman Water art contest

Wesleyan Christian Academy’s painting has been chosen as the winner of the Cayman Water art competition, thanks to 192 votes in favor on the company’s Facebook page.

Cayman Water sponsors local art competition

Cayman Water is counting on art to impart an important message.

Cayman Water ramps up production

Cayman Water is scrambling to stay ahead of Grand Cayman’s unquenchable thirst for potable water.

Cayman Water encourages customers to go paperless

Cayman Water and Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels have combined to impact the environment and the community in one fell swoop. Cayman Water, which recently launched its new website, is hoping to entice its customers to go paperless by making a public contribution to charity.

West Bay students learn about the water table

Nobody left this lecture without quenching their thirst for knowledge. Students from John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay were treated to a presentation on Cayman’s most precious resource – the water supply – from a pair of prominent experts on Tuesday.

Pete Ribbins charity ride on Sunday

Cayman Water’s Pete Ribbins Memorial charity event is now in its fifth year.

EDITORIAL – Officials leave Cayman Water out to dry

Cayman Water CEO Rick McTaggart has raised a serious and concerning issue with the Cayman Islands government: namely, that lawmakers are preparing to vote to overhaul regulation of the country’s utilities (including water), but nobody bothered to consult with Mr. McTaggart’s company, which is one of Cayman’s two water providers.

Cayman Water calls for utility law rewrite

Cayman Water has asked government to withdraw and rewrite a proposed bill investing a new utilities regulation office with broad unilateral powers to control the firm’s activities. The company says it was not consulted on the bill.

Water prices drop with energy costs

Residential water rates have been dropping along with energy costs, with energy charges on water bills from both the Water Authority and Cayman Water reduced by 30 percent over the past year.

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