Minister to discuss CAL plan

Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford is to meet with the staff of Cayman Airways in the next week or so to discuss the strategic plan for the airline developed by Lufthansa Consulting.

Mr. Clifford

Mr. Clifford

The Consultancy team delivered the Cayman Airways strategic plan on Thursday 31 August, on schedule.

Mr. Clifford met last week with Board of Directors for four hours to discuss the report.

Last Saturday the Board of Directors of CAL had an all-day workshop to discuss the implementation of the strategic plan.

Mr. Clifford will also be presenting the plan to the Cabinet.

Some of the deliverables from the strategic plan element include, for example, a determination of the route network; fleet composition; and a management audit.

Once agreed upon, the implementation of the plan will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors and management.

Lufthansa Consulting already conducted an efficiency audit on Cayman Airways. The 1,011-page report recommended 49 action plans, 168 projects, 840 initiatives and 67 quick wins. Some of the latter have already been implemented.

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