Countryside Village to open soon

Savannah Countryside Village shopping centre is coming along quite rapidly.

Charlene Barnes

With a scheduled opening day in September, Focus Beauty Spa owner Charlene Barnes along with worker Patrick move boxes inside the new store at Savannah Heritage Village shopping centre. Other businesses are scheduled to open before the end of the year. Photo: Jewel Levy

Located on Newlands Road just opposite the Texaco Station, the new complex will be fully opened sometime before the end of the year.

Ground was broken on the plaza October of 2005.

When the project is completed, businesses such as AL Thompson, Foster’s, Food Fair, Juz Kidz, Focus Beauty Spa, Cayman National Bank branch and a Subway shop will contribute to the success of Countryside Village.

There may even be a Government Post office and various government offices in the Phase 2 of the development, though these are not confirmed.

When the Center is completed it will be a welcome addition for shoppers from the eastern districts needing quicker access to banking, shopping, medical and government business.

The design of the village, which features small individual buildings and Cayman-style accents, fits neatly into the fabric of the surrounding community.

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