More definitely still needs to be done

Governor Stuart Jack and members of the Legislative Assembly got a real eye-opener Tuesday.

They got off the beaten path and toured homes that are still in need of repairs two years after the passing of Hurricane Ivan.

Many of those homes still lack the basic amenities of living such as running water, electricity, proper roofing and exterior finishes.

And the owners and families are still living in those houses; basically camping out in their own homes.

For a country as well off and prosperous as the Cayman Islands, what the Governor and MLAs saw was a downright disgrace.

There is absolutely no reason why these families and individuals aren’t living in properly functioning housing, especially two years after the storm.

Here we are smack dab in the middle of another hurricane season and these homes and their occupants are more vulnerable than ever.

Help has been given to some families.

The National Recovery Fund has raised more than $10.2 million and fully repaired 35 homes.

But at least 175 families are still waiting for repairs.

That’s 175 families too many.

Those who administer the Fund are to be commended for the excellent work they’re doing, but they can’t do it all alone.

They need money.

And they need it from us.

The private sector has kicked in a lot of the money already raised, but we believe there are many well-off companies in the Cayman Islands that could contribute more.

It’s an excellent way to be good corporate citizens of the Cayman Islands.

Yes, money has been promised from the European Union, but we’ve yet to see the cash.

We’ve got to consider these families and individuals in Ivan-wrecked homes our brothers and sisters and do something to help them.

Don’t have any spare cash?

Not to worry.

The National Recovery Fund, while it is in desperate need for money, also welcomes volunteers who can donate their time and labour.

NRF also welcomes building and repairing supplies.

We pulled together after Hurricane Ivan and helped each other out. Now those of us who have repaired and stable homes and businesses need to remember the 175 families still in need.

The best way to help is to put your support completely behind the National Recovery Fund. If you want to help out, but are at a loss as to how, give them a call at 323-0551 or 946-3863 or drop Ms Arie an email at [email protected]