Photography gallery opens Saturday

Photographer Darvin Ebanks’ new gallery – To The Ages of the World, underwater and land photography – opens this Saturday, showcasing pictures dating back as far as the 1930s.

Pete Melbourne

Dive operator Pete Melbourne kisses a grouper in this underwater image taken in the mid 1980s.
Photo: Darvin Ebanks

The 200 square feet gallery, located at 90 School Road off of Eastern Avenue, will feature over 200 selected images spanning the professional photographer’s 30-year career. A small number of the older images dating back to the 1930s are by unknown photographers that Mr. Ebanks has laboured over and fully restored.

Mr. Ebanks – who specialises in underwater photography and videography – said that approximately 30 images will be hung on display. The remaining images will be in portfolios that visitors will be able to flick through.

The photographs are a mix of underwater and scenic images from Cayman, many selected as personal favourites by the photographer’s customers. A small number are from Mr Ebanks’ international travels, with images from far-flung destinations such as Japan.

‘There are a lot of pictures of Cayman – places long paved over and bulldozed down,’ Mr. Ebanks said.

The photographer said he has several images of local people, many taken at senior citizen gatherings and parties over the years.

‘It is very likely that some of the local Caymanians may recognise their older family relatives in some of the pictures,’ he said.

The pictures at Mr. Ebanks’ new gallery represent just the tip of the ice-berg the photographer said.

‘I have thousands at home. I was lucky that none of them got destroyed in Ivan [a hurricane that tore through Cayman in 2004]’

Mr. Ebanks said that he will change the pictures at the gallery frequently to ensure there is always something different on display.

Prints of all images are available to purchase of all images. The gallery will be open Monday to Saturday, hours to be confirmed. Contact the photographer on 929-7181 for opening hours.

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