Thanks to Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital

Earlier this year my wife was diagnosed with a recurrence of a serious intestinal disease that required a major operation; major but not brain surgery, according to her surgeon.

Quite a few of our friends recommended we go off island for the operation to the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins, for example.

We researched thoroughly the facilities here in Cayman as well as the surgeon and staff involved.

After a lot of reflection and discussions with doctors on the island that we know well, we decided to have the operation in the Chrissie Tomlinson hospital.

The stay in the hospital was, if this can be said of any such event, a pleasure. It was clean, quiet and organized. We are so used to seeing TV scenes of chaos and frenzy in hospitals yet Chrissie Tomlinson was calm and efficient.

After five hours in the operating theatre, my wife moved 20 yards to the intensive care unit right next to the central nursing station.

Indeed everything was so convenient, pharmacy, radiology lab, nursing facilities, etc all within a few feet, as were the specialists. The radiologist, anaesthetist, pharmacist, nurses, surgeon’s office were all close by. Not only were they close but they were all concerned, professional, prompt and courteous.

As a new hospital, the facilities were modern and in the case of the beds supremely comfortable; indeed as there were no other patients in intensive care at the same time I was able to spend two nights sleeping in the next bed to my wife and found the bed as comfortable as any I have slept on.

One of the reasons we were concerned to have the operation in Cayman if possible was the issue of how to handle any postoperative complications, which are quite common in the kind of operation involved.

Indeed my wife did have a complication five days after release from the hospital and had to return for observation and intravenous feeding. (This had nothing to do with my cooking by the way!).

This would have been complicated if we had the operation in London, Maryland, New York or elsewhere.

I am happy to say that my wife has made a full recovery.

My purpose in writing this rather long letter is firstly to thank everyone involved at the hospital from our excellent surgeon to the people who cleaned the floors. Thank you to our anaesthetist, radiologist, pharmacist, nurses (special thanks), administrators, cleaners, food preparers, porters, and anyone I have missed. All were superb.

Secondly, I would like to encourage others who face similar decisions to consider seriously the facilities here.

With the prevalence of drug resistance strains of bacteria in many hospitals in the US and the UK and the conditions there, you may well be a lot safer and more comfortable here.

As the money spent on health care worldwide continues to increase rapidly, I am sure there are business opportunities for Cayman as well.

Cayman is fortunate to have a facility such as Chrissie Tomlinson hospital.

Peter Cunningham

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