George Hicks kids dress well

The children of George Hicks High School mostly came to school dressed in accordance to the new dress code for government schools.

The government schools reopened after summer break last week.

Education Minister Alden McLaughlin said the parents and students of George Hicks should be commended.

‘The turnout as far as uniforms is concerned is absolutely marvellous,’ he said. ‘[The school children] really look well. A great deal of effort has been made to comply [with the dress code].’

However, Mr. McLaughlin said things did not go quite as well at John Gray High School, which teaches the older students.

A significant number of children were sent home because of dress code violations, Mr. McLaughlin said, adding that the length of trousers was a common problem.

‘Teenagers will take what liberties they can,’ he said.

Still, Mr. McLaughlin was satisfied with the dress code compliance levels.

‘By and large, the policy has been accepted and efforts have been made to comply.’

Mr. McLaughlin believes the school sent a strong message last week.

‘The policy is here to stay and the fact that a significant number of children were sent home shows we’re serious,’ he said.

Speaking of the reorganisation of George Hicks into three separate schools, Mr. McLaughlin said the preparations ‘went down to the wire’ but everything was ready for the first day of classes.

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