Can’t follow old, new

One of the interesting things I have found about people, who attend Christian churches, is that the majority of them follow more the Old Testament than the New.

Jesus said one cannot mix the old with the new, which is what most try to do.

To be a Christian one must be a follower of the Christ – therefore most of them are not Christians.

To be Christian one only has to read and believe and most of all do that doctrine preached by Jesus Christ in the four gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus said the old patriarchs prophesied until John – and also- if you can take it this John is (was) Elias. Christians all believe the gospel of Luke which was written by Lucius – yet most do not believe that spoken through Edgar B. Cayce (A.R.E. Virginia Beach) who, if you can take it, was Lucius.

The gospels also have codes, which show the end times of this cycle. As it was in the days of Noah.

I am no more surprised that Christians do not know the days of Noah – Genesis 6-7-8. After having asked hundreds, only one person has been able to tell me how long Noah was in the Ark – a Rasta brother in Jamaica.

If one multiplies the days by 10, we find the 40 days became 400 years – the Dark Ages. After 150 days, the waters began to subside – or the discovery of the New World circa 1500. After 40 days he sent forth the raven and the dove.

So from the 1900 we have had serious wars, the raven, but also many doves, like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Cayce and a good example for finding one of the second doves – Dr. Fidel Castro.

It is well known and documented how the dove perched on his shoulder when he was victorious in Cuba. It is also well known how through him is being done that which Jesus told the disciples of John. The sick are being healed and the poor can obtain a good education.

Seven days after the second dove was sent – 70 years after Fidel Castro – a child was born whose name means The John ( El – the, ian – John) Elian.

The days he spent in the USA were also similar to the days of Noah, a fact I called CNN about and was told a lot of other people had called about the same thing. Ever wonder what happened to the two men rescued with him? We can’t keep track of angels can we?

Another time, another revelation, as shown me by Our Father, Our Creator – as the popular saying goes be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet. But when you see me you C A Christian.

Clive A. Christian

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