A day without volunteers

Imagine a day without volunteers.

Could this be a day when a hurricane strikes and the Red Cross volunteers would not be there to open the containers of relief supplies stored in each district?

Would they not be there to provide the community with much needed lifesaving supplies?

They would not be there ensuring that the shelter was open and staffed.

Or could this be a day without the services of the Pink Ladies Coffee shop providing the hospital staff and visitors with good food served with a smile?

This would be a day where we would miss the behind-the-scenes services provided by so many volunteers throughout the island ranging from members of the Rotary Club, the Humane Society, the Lions Club, the Cancer Society, many church groups as well as a list of so many more volunteer organizations.

This would be a day where countless services would be temporarily suspended and simple acts of random kindness go by the wayside. This would indeed be a very grim day – a day without volunteers.

Cayman’s volunteer community is diverse, ranging from structured volunteer time at organized charities to football coaches to groups working to protect the environment. Acts of individual neighbourly support are commonplace.

More than activities the many volunteers engage in, they bring something that is more precious in addition to their time, energy, dedication and enthusiasm.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the community.

Volunteering is about commitment and caring.

It’s about helping others. It’s about working together with others who share a common goal. It’s about the difference that individuals can make in the life of the community as well as their own.

Generosity is fundamental to the concept of volunteering; generosity of material resources, of time, knowledge, thought and physical support. In today’s world we all commonly face the same issues.

The increased pace of life, the significant challenges individuals face in their careers, in caring for family, thus making time to volunteer being increasingly difficult. And yet, volunteering is the ultimate exercise in optimism – a fundamental commitment to our future; an active form of good citizenship.

A day without volunteers would be a very dark day indeed.

Thank goodness, we will always have this great asset: volunteers.

As many of us wake up each morning and go about our day at work, at school or at play, we know in some way our activities are touched by a volunteer.

As volunteer management coordinator at the Cayman Islands Red Cross I salute all those wonderful, caring and optimistic volunteers who contribute their time to the betterment of all of us who reside in these beautiful Cayman Islands.

For information about becoming a Red Cross volunteer please contact the Red Cross at 949-6785 ext. 29 or drop by our offices located across from the Cricket field on Russell Thomas Way.

Tracey Potkins

Cayman Islands Red Cross Volunteer Management Coordinator

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