Fire barely survives

In last night’s Government Football League action, Computer Services came out full force in an attempt to upset the heavy favourites, FIRE. To everyone’s surprise, everyone except Computer Services of course, team FIRE found themselves down 2 – 0 with only moments to play in the second half after a pair of goals from Immer Carter. FIRE proved themselves to be magicians also because they somehow managed to pull a rabbit of the hat and came back with two goals from Elbert McField who proved to be the saving grace for his team. The final score was 2-2

In game Two, Customs refuse to go quietly and keep their playoff hopes alive by defeating Public Works/NRA 3-1. A goal from Jared Yates was not enough for the likes of Customs, AKA The Enforcers, who found Gavin Dixon, Stafford Millwood and Eugene Myles at the receiving ends of good play to put the ball in the back of the net.

The race for the Top four is in full swing and no one is completely sure who will be in. One thing is for sure, the top four teams will consist of Four of the following; Fire, Youth and Sports, Customs, RCIP and CI Airports Authority. Fans will just have to wait and see who will emerge and who will go home.

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