Harquail to open in March

Some progress is being made on the repairs at the Harquail Theatre on West Bay Road.

National Cultural Foundation managing director Marcia Muttoo said they are optimistic that the theatre will be open in March of next year.

‘It is hoped we will be open in time for the Children’s Festival of the arts,’ she said.

‘There are no new added features to the theatre; basically we are trying to restore it to what it was; it is also a matter of what the insurance company will cover in repairs.

‘The stage and auditorium will be the same but the seats will be a little bit more comfortable. There will also be new carpeting installed.

‘Trying to replace the seats that were there previously would have been too expensive because they would have to be imported from far.

About the equipment, Ms Muttoo said they had a good system before but that was not the focus at the present.

‘Our goal at this time is not to worry about high-tech equipment but focus on getting the theatre up and running, she said.

‘When complete it should feel like a brand new place because of the work being done.

‘One of the things that will be a little bit different at the theatre, we will now have a place to store and safeguard archives.’

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