Still stuck at four-way

Well here we go again. School is in and traffic is a nightmare.

Last fall I wrote asking the Government to help West Bay residents get through the four-way by closing off the cut-through at Centennial Towers and blocking Mary Mollie Hydes road during rush hour (say 6.30am to 8am).

These areas are still causing great slowdowns due to people cutting through, and in some cases forcing themselves back into the flow.

Simple barricades, or even better, ‘No Turn’ signs, with say $100 fines attached and enforcement, are just a couple of suggestions.

If fines were enforced and collected in one day there would be enough revenue to pay at least one officer’s salary for a month.

All the RCIP would have to do is wait at the end of Mary Mollie Hydes Road or at the exit at Centennial Towers, bingo.

After a day or two people who use these cut-throughs would get the message as it would hit their wallet. Then random enforcement, say at least one day a week, would continue to deter people from taking the gamble.

The RCIP is calling for car pooling, which if done would definitely help with the flow. But these simple, inexpensive and potential revenue producing suggestions, I make, would help a great deal in helping us West Bay drivers get through the four-way.

Bruce Clark

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