No need for church division

In response to front page of Net News on Tuesday, 20 September: Nip it in the bud. Don’t let it get out of hand. If we say we are Christians, then we should really be acting and living like it.

Last Sunday, my rector at St George’s Anglican Church announced that he was leaving effective November 30th. He made the point in his letter that he had stayed on to assist with the rebuilding process after Ivan. The church was rededicated recently so he must now think that this is the opportune time to leave.

I don’t think that the rollover has anything to do with his leaving. Anyone listening and paying attention to his comments over the years knows that his sojourn here was not long-term. So we need not pretend that the fact that he did not get status, is the main reason he is leaving Cayman.

Even so, if his permit is up in March he could have stayed until then. And if indeed he was affected by the rollover policy, could he not have applied for permanent residency, if he wanted to stay? I don’t know, I am only asking.

In today’s world too many of us hide behind the fact that we go to church and we pretend Christianity while our actions are far removed from anything that is Christian. Can we not stop and look at ourselves and really try to live honest and sincere lives?

A front page article in the Cayman Net News was highly unnecessary and in some cases not all true. We always hope that journalists would aim to get all sides of a story before they go to print. The headline could not be more misleading.

The St. George’s Anglican Church is not in crisis nor should it be. There is an able and qualified curate in place. If my memory serves me right, the curate has ably managed the church’s business in the absence of the rector on the occasions when he has been gone for long periods, be it for the birth of his child or for holidays. And there are many able, bright professional persons who worship there who can do God’s work, if and when called on to do so.

This is a time for us to unify and continue to grow our church. Let us not air our linen in public.

We are called to do the work of God in this part of his vineyard. As the Christians we say we are, let’s keep our eyes focused on the various tasks as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus in these Cayman Islands.

We wish the rector and his family the very best on his next assignment. We thank him for the contribution he made to God’s work in these islands.

We pray that God will guide the minds and hearts of those who will take a decision to fill his place. Let’s pray that they will do what is right and Christian in God’s sight and unite the church rather than act to divide it.

I am an Anglican and I love my church. It would hurt if we take actions that could destroy what many before us have worked so hard to build up.

Peace be unto all of us.

Carol Clarke

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