Divi will be missed

As a regular visitor to the Brac for the last six years or so, I’m heartbroken with the closing of Divi Tiara.

I have enjoyed coming back so many years because of the warm welcome I received from the staff at the resort from Max, Cliff, Annie and Patricia and the absolutely amazing Dive Crew of Scott, Ken, Barbie, Colbert just to name few.

I am sorry that they are now out of work with this closing. I will miss coming to catch up with the others friends I have made over these years, who all head to the Brac at the same time from different parts of the States and Canada to dive.

It was a trip I looked forward to every winter as a break from the cold and snow of Toronto. I want to thank all of the Divi Tiara staff and the dive crew for such wonderful memories. I wish them all the best.

Eileen P. Laffey

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