Expat: CI no paradise

As an ex expat, having lived and worked in Cayman for over five and one-half years I have to take exception to Mr. Berry’s comments.

While it is true that most foreign workers come to Cayman to make money, quite a few would really like to settle there and make it home.

Most expat workers have to work longer hours, with less benefits and a higher cost of living. We don’t only do it for the minimal extra money, but for the challenge and the hope that we are helping the island become a great place to visit and live.

The seven year policy makes this impractical.

If Cayman would rather have a new batch of workers coming in every year, who have to acclimate to a difficult working environment, yes I said difficult, then leave just about when they start getting familiar with others and business practices, so be it.

There are not enough hard working, energetic and capable Caymanians to fill the void left by departing expats. This is the fault of the schools and the national mind set in Cayman that as a Caymanian you don’t have to work hard and excel because you will be guaranteed a job.

I want to be clear about this, most expats do not think of Cayman as paradise.

I find it hypocritical for Caymanians to resent foreign workers coming to their island to work. A vast majority of Caymanians, I have known and met, have homes in, and have worked in the US as well as citizenship and will go to Miami to have babies so that their children can have US citizenship.

Mr. Berry, maybe I resent this! If you think Cayman is so self sufficient that you don’t need hard working expats, maybe you don’t need to go to Miami to fill your needs either.

I don’t expect this letter to get printed, because I have also learned that most Caymanians don’t like to face the truth about how things really are.

Mr. Berry is right about one thing, there is no place like home. I highly recommend every expat to go home and let the Mr. Berry’s of Cayman carry on.

David Gwinn

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