Cayman’s problem is traffic

In response to the letter to the editor about drivers having bad attitudes, I would just like to comment that I am so thankful that my daughter and son-in-law are no longer living on the Island.

They were there for almost two years experiencing what the writer described.

I prayed for their safety in traffic every day. When I would go to visit them, I was afraid every time we got into the car to take a ride somewhere.

It took my son-in-law two hours to travel four miles to work every morning.

I am really scared for the tourists that go there and try to walk, ride bikes, scooters and cars getting about the Island with great anticipation of having an enjoyable experience.

Your highway safety department needs to try to get some fast solutions so that we will want to keep coming back to the Island.

As of right now, the main problem with myself and my daughter and son-in-law not wanting to come back to visit there is the traffic congestion.

Your Island is a real paradise with its natural beauty. It will be shameful to no longer be attractive to tourists that love it just because you need some law and order on the roadways.

Good luck with this matter.

Oh, by the way, of the Caymanians I met, they were the most gracious and kind people I have ever met. They are the beauty of the Island

Ann Hunt

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