Caymanians should unite

The letter concerning 20 questions Caymanians should ask themselves definitely stirs up a lot of thought.

Without a doubt, myself (as well as many Caymanians) have asked some of these questions amongst ourselves and are left feeling discouraged due to the lack of voice that we seem to have in our own country.

It is as if our concerns fall on deaf ears. What we fail to realize, and what you have helped to point out is the only way for us to make a difference is to unite (many as one voice) and let our government and residents know that we Caymanians only have one thing, that is our homeland.

For born and bred Caymanians, there is really nowhere else to go. This is our home and we are the permanent inhabitants, amidst all the changes (good/bad).

So, why should we not feel at home here? We cannot allow our country to benefit others more than it does ourselves.

And, it is truly selfish for anyone who considers this to be unfair.

Thank you for shining some light on these issues, hopefully it may draw much needed attention and action towards a change in our favour.

Joanna Powery

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