Some radio content disturbing

As a representative of these Islands I feel compelled to speak out against a tasteless and harmful habit that has been developing for some time now on our local radio stations in particular with some of the newer ones.

We in Cayman are facing many challenges with our youth and as a Government we have been taking various steps to try and deal with these. As I write this letter, we have all recently witnessed the introduction of strict dress codes and codes of conduct for our school children, which have been met with widespread acceptance and appreciation by the public.

In the face of this however, we hear each day deterioration in the standard and content of voices and songs on radio. Recently we have had morning talk shows with content that only be described as ‘bed time talk’ between adults. Songs are also being played with explicit curse and sexual content.

I believe a lot of it has to do with the DJs that are imported from countries that are far more liberal in this regard.

It is therefore incumbent upon all owners and businessmen who control these radio stations to reign in these ignorant of our culture and value system, and explain to them what is expected and what is a ‘no no’ in our society. Cayman is not perfect, and we have a lot of our own challenges, but we do not need this to be added to them on our airwaves. Everyone is entitled to listen to what they want in the privacy of their homes, but the public, especially our youth, should not have this rammed down their ears and minds – even in a subliminal manner.

For the critics out there who will say that we have always had this in song, I will say this – if anything it was there in innuendo, left up to the interpretation of an adult mind, but what we have now leaves nothing to the imagination! In regards to what is spoken at times – we have never had what we have now! To those that continue to do a good job and have fun in a tasteful manner I say ‘keep up the good works’.

I trust that those in control of radio will take the necessary actions to correct this trend before it becomes necessary for another approach to be taken.

Osbourne Bodden, MLA

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