CineClub opens its doors Monday

Film buffs, especially those who enjoy arthouse and independent films, can look forward to the offerings of the newly established CineClub a venture by the National Gallery and Our Secret Agency graphic design company.

The club’s opening season starts next Monday, 6 October and covers the classics.

First up is the subtitled Indochine starring stalwart of the French cinema Catherine Deneuve. Indochine is set back in 1930’s France, during the years of French colonial period.

Film screenings at the Harbour Place space will take place every second Monday of the month with one showing of the film beginning at 6pm.

The remaining films in the opening season are In the Heat of the Night, Anna Karena (with Sophie Marceau), The Maltese Falcon, Citizen Kane and African Queen.

A French season follows which includes Le diner le con, Le Placard, Un crabe dans la tete and Declaage horaire. An Italian season follows.

According to the gallery’s director, Nancy Bernard, the idea behind CineClub is to create an interest in the cinema as the 7th art.

It is also intended that the club will foster an environment where everyone can gather to share movies from around the world, outside of mainstream.

CineClub provides the community another option for a little nighttime entertainment and a social gathering to generate discussions.

There will be an exhibition of a movie at the National Gallery within the theme of the programme changing every three months, featuring a theme or an author.

The National Gallery is a prominent and growing cultural institution that serves to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, which includes film, of and in the Cayman Islands.

Contact the National Gallery at 945-8111 for further details.

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