Not all welcome diversity

I read with interest Lisa Andrew’s diatribe against Caymanians, claiming that Canadians ‘are happy to open (their) arms to diversity, change and new immigrants.’ What tripe!

While I am Canadian-born and lived here for more than 50 years, I have had the benefit of observing the difficulty and the futility of my Sri Lanka-born wife to be accepted in Canada professionally and as a person.

I encourage your readers not to believe for a second Ms Andrew’s notion that Canadians as a whole welcome diversity.

What Canadians welcome is the expectation that immigrants and their families behave according to stereotypical notions that Canadians seek to impose on them.

While citing the recent job boom in Western Canada Ms Andrews fails to mention that the province with the largest growth, Alberta, has approximately 1/40th the population density of the Cayman Islands

Cayman is enriched by Ms Andrew’s departure as well as the departure of any hypocrite who may express what she has so sanctimoniously chosen to do in your paper.

Gordon Richens
Edmonton, Alberta

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