Setting the facts straight

Nancy Berbridge-Bush’s letter of 11 September (Cayman a melting pot) contained a factual misstatement that is worthy of correction.

Ms Berbridge-Bush incorrectly stated that most of the first settlers of the Cayman Islands came, in particular, from Europe.

A careful study of Caymanian genealogy will show that, in fact, most settlers came from neighbouring Jamaica.

Although their ancestors may have been European, the brave women and men who settled these shores were as wholly Jamaican then as their descendents are wholly Caymanian now.

It is also misleading to suggest that there are no indigenous Caymanians. There is no comparison between my ancestors and those who settled North America by stealing the lands of Native Americans Indians.

My ancestors found an uninhabited landscape before them when they arrived and therefore became the first Caymanians.

They created a vibrant civilization with their bear hands and the sweat of their brow. I take pride in that and celebrate our culture, created and handed down over centuries. Doing so – and insisting that others respect it when they come here to visit or work – does not make me or any other born Caymanian hateful.

Charles D. Bush

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