Racy radio causes stir

A recent radio broadcast of on-air personalities who peppered their discussion with sexual innuendo has drawn the ire of the government.

After hearing a taped copy of the broadcast, Bodden Town MLA Osbourne Bodden wrote a letter to the editor of the Caymanian Compass (28 September) protesting what he termed ‘bedtime talk’ on the air.

Although he did not state specifically which radio station was responsible for the broadcast in his letter, Mr. Bodden said on Thursday it was one of the dms Broadcasting stations.

‘We’ve got to curtail this type of broadcast,’ Mr. Bodden said. ‘We cannot accept this. We’ll be failing in our moral responsibilities to the public if we don’t do something.’

In the offending broadcast, the on-air personalities, along with a doctor, briefly spoke about masturbation. After the doctor left, they discussed the sexual proclivity of women with red hair.

Mr. Bodden said he had spoken to his government colleagues on the subject and that he had their support for his position.

‘I can tell you this, the Government is taking it quite seriously.’

Mr. Bodden said he thought some of the other morning radio shows sometimes go too far with their content as well.

‘You want to have some fun on the morning shows, but (the dms broadcast) borders on public indecency.’

Cabinet Minister Arden McLean confirmed Wednesday that he had heard the broadcast as well, but did not state his position on the subject. ‘I need to review it much closer,’ he said.

dms station manager Steve Jones said he had not heard the particular broadcast so he could not respond to its content. He did make a general statement.

‘dms Broadcasting’s position on suitable content is straightforward,’ he said. ‘We work hard at all times to supply content that is desired by and compelling to our different listener groups, remaining within the standards of decency of our community.’

Because Cayman is a diverse culture community, Mr. Jones said dms recognized that sometimes content acceptable to some people might be judged as offensive to others.

‘In the rare cases when we do receive complaints or concerns about our content, we treat the complainant with the utmost respect and take their comments into consideration when planning future programming.’

Mr. Bodden said the government wanted to give dms a chance ‘to do the right thing.’

‘This issue might get a lot of debate, but I’m prepared for that,’ he said. ‘I’m going to stand firm on this.’

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