FCCA delegates on the move

The success of the 13th annual FCCA Caribbean Cruise Conference & Trade Show, held for the first time in the Cayman Islands, extends beyond Cayman’s hotels and conference rooms, meetings and planned activities, culture and hospitality.

Without efficient and comfortable transportation between venues, the 1,000-plus cruise executives, ministers of tourism and government officials, trade show exhibitors and conference delegates from around the world will not be able to experience all that Cayman has to offer.

As chairman of the Transportation Task Force, it is Kenrick Webster’s responsibility to ensure that guests experience short wait times and easy transport from the airport to their hotels, between conference locations, and to and from the social events so that they arrive promptly to meetings and have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of Cayman.

Mr. Webster is particularly cognizant of the need for Cayman to show the cruise industry that it has the physical capacity to properly transport all cruise passengers; the Transportation Task Force is also accountable for the comfortable and timely transportation of all guests going on island-tours — put together by the Tours Task Force.

Delegates will travel in large, comfortable vans, while VIP delegates will have private cars.

‘At many previous FCCA Conferences, transportation was a problem where attendees had long waits and other issues and as a result did not attend meetings and social events,’ said Mr. Webster. ‘The Transportation and Transfers Task Force is working very hard to ensure that this problem does not occur at our Conference.’

Mr. Webster explained that the task force is requiring all drivers and operators to participate in a customer service workshop prior to the conference, so everyone understands how to best meet the delegates’ expectations.

‘Together we can showcase our products and our people to the Cruise Executives, enticing them to bring more of their cruises to Cayman,’ said Webster. ‘Tourism is everybody’s business, and as many people should get involved as possible.’

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