Underwriters seminar Friday

On Friday the Life Underwriters Association of Cayman Seminar will take place at The Marriott Grand Cayman on West Bay Road.

The Seminar will commence at 8.30am and conclude at 2pm.

The theme of this year’s first major seminar is Professional Empowerment: the way forward.

Mr. Rudolph Jackson will be the principal guest speaker at this seminar, states a press release. Mr. Jackson is a leading financial consultant and has a sound understanding of the insurance industry in general.

His vision for the future and the fundamental changes in attitude that both he and LUAC feel need to be addressed and implemented by our industry, promises to make this seminar an enlightening experience.

The organisers, LUAC, are hopeful that those in the industry will take on-board the importance of the seminar and plan to attend.

Key support speakers will be Mary Lou Gallegos head of Insurance Supervision for the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority; Mr. Herbert Delmoth Martin, LUTCF, a financial consultant with British Caymanian Insurance; and Mr. Andre Iton, chairman of the Board of Directors of Cayman Islands Development Bank and managing director of Financial Integrated Services, Grand Cayman. Their many years of experience at all levels of the financial and insurance industry should make their contribution to the seminar an invaluable one.

‘It is absolutely essential that LUAC and the insurance industry alike strives to protect the interests of our valued customers and safeguard the integrity of our industry and its practitioners,’ said Lana Poldervaart, LUTCF, president LUAC.

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