Clarifying Morritt’s story inaccuracy

I wish to clarify a factual and relevant inaccuracy in your lead story of 26 October, 2006, “Morritt’s hopes to silence critics.’

In defence of the highly unusual turnover of Morritt’s top executives, Mr. Hoffman states that I, Steve Cummins, was head of Sales and my departure was due to the fact that, and I quote, “Mr. Cummins would have nothing to sell in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.”

My actual position, in the years leading up to Hurricane Ivan, was managing director and member of the Board of Directors of Morritt Properties Cayman Ltd.

Therefore, in my case, this statement was at best misleading and an effort to avoid what has clearly been the alarming rate at which senior management has left Morritt’s.

I, in no way blame Mr. Hoffman for this misstatement of fact. As a relatively new employee, he has no choice but to rely on the information he is given by Morritt’s. I wish him every success and my hope is that Morritt’s fulfils its pledge to the 10,000+ timeshare owners who have come to love Cayman.

Steve Cummins – Former Managing Director, Morritt Properties Cayman Ltd.

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