Today’s Editorial November 02: Welcome to FCCA delegates

If you’re visiting us as part of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Conference, welcome.

We’re glad you’re here.

And we trust you’re having a good time despite our wet weather of the past couple of days.

You’ve joined us during our rainy season.

But many of you are from the region and know the challenges that weather can dish out. While we’ve managed to offer you fresh and innovative tourism products, we’ve found we can never manage Mother Nature.

But look at it this way:

If you’re having a wonderful time in the Cayman Islands while our weather is being a bit uncooperative, think how great your trip will be when you return as a stayover guest outside of our rainy season.

There’s so much to do and see in the Cayman Islands we know you’ll want to come back as a visitor who can relax and enjoy our paradise.

While you’re here we hope you get a chance to take in some of our attractions like Boatswain’s Beach and Pedro St. James.

At Boatswain’s you’ll see what attracted Columbus to our shores more than 500 years ago – sea turtles.

Ours is the only commercial turtle farm in the world where the fine balance of providing turtle meat to the population and preservation of the animal is carried out every day.

Pedro also holds much of Cayman’s history in her walls.

The Cayman Islands’ historic Pedro St. James – the birthplace of Caymanian Democracy – is open again after a major $1.3 million renovation of both the great house and the surrounding grounds.

Tour the grounds and take a step back in time.

If you don’t take a road trip to the eastern districts you will have missed out on so much during this trip.

Go to East End and marvel at the blow holes where underwater caverns trap incoming waves and force them to erupt into the air like geysers through small holes in the shoreline.

Walk out to the sea’s edge and take in the famous Wreck of the Ten Sails, one of the most famous events in Cayman’s history that occurred with wrecked ships in 1794.

Take a trip to North Side where island living is not quite as hectic as it is in George Town.

Enjoy the crystal clear water at Rum Point and Kaibo Beach. Hike the Mastic Reserve and Trail and don’t forget to visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

There’s so much to do and see in the Cayman Islands. We hope your stay here entices you to come back and visit with us again.

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