Divi timeshare owner upset

I am an owner of a Divi Tiara Beach resort timeshare.

I have watched my weekly maintenance fees more than double since I bought my unit over 12 years ago.

Each year I saw that little or no maintenance was being performed on the unit’s exterior as Divi siphoned off huge percentages of my maintenance fees.

Finally in 2003 when the rats and bats threatened to take over the units Divi agreed to renovate what they had let deteriorate.

This renovation (there are only 12 units) is not even half complete yet and the work done has visible deficiencies.

Divi is pointing their finger of blame at everyone but themselves.

They were/are their own worst enemy. They made plenty of money on the resort and timeshares but refused to sensibly reinvest in the facilities and now we timeshare owners are left with half of our units and no facilities on premises.

Tiara Beach is one of the most beautiful places in all the Caribbean; ask any of the timeshare owners.

Any business that does not flourish there must be inept or corrupt.

We don’t want to trade our unit weeks for those in any other Divi property. We love it at Tiara Beach; we consider the Brackers on the staff like family, and truly pray we will be able to return to this beautiful part of the world.

Timeshare owners are the one’s being damaged by this event, not Divi’s shareholders.

People are also too fast to blame government and Cayman Air.

If it were not for government the rats and bats would have over run the resort.

Cayman Air performs superiorly to most any other Caribbean carriers and went out on a limb this year to provide nonstop service to the Brac from Miami.
We timeshare owners hope that the Cayman government will not let Divi sell the resort properties without ensuring that their commitments to the timeshare owners will be preserved.

We have organized a Divi Tiara Owners Group groups.yahoo.com/group/D-TOG and are exploring our legal options. We welcome all timeshare owners to join with us.

Mark Bishton

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