Flights not to blame in Divi debacle

Buyer still sought for resort

Tourism Minister Mr. Charles Clifford strongly refutes suggestions that Cayman Brac has insufficient airlift and infrastructure to attract firm offers for the Divi Tiara Resort.

The claim, made by a former prospective buyer, was rejected at Friday’s Cabinet press briefing as misinformed.

Mr. Clifford advised that at the instigation of his department, there had been a significant increase in the number of flights to the Brac since the PPM had come to power.

He further mentioned that the claimant had wanted non-stop flights out of New York and Houston.

Bringing on such extra services was ‘not justified or feasible given the size of the population and the number of hotels,’ he said.

A possible deal for the sale of Divi Tiara Resort closed with no progress so bids are still being accepted for the property.

Mr. Clifford defended Cayman Brac’s infrastructure as being as good, if not better than that of Grand Cayman.

Priced at between US$9 million to $11 million in its current state of repair, the resort closed as of September with the loss of 37 jobs.

The national carrier Cayman Airways operates six flights a day to the Brac.

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