Parachuting in

The Red Bull Air Force Team of parachutists is coming to Cayman for Pirates Week and will parachute downtown onto the South Terminal just before the Landing Pageant on Saturday 11 November, a press release said.

The team, made up of four parachutists, will jump from a helicopter at 5,000 feet, one behind the other, in a spectacular display that the Red Bull Team has put on in countries all over the world for the past 10 years. They have done jumps recently in Jamaica, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

‘The parachutes are designed to move fast through the air, and these guys do all sorts of stunts, turns and flips, as they come down,’ Red Bull representative Andreas Kettner said. ‘It’s amazing, the stuff they do. People will love it.’

MC for the Landing Pageant, Rick Glass, will be relaying information to the crowd before the start of the jump which will start at 2.45 pm and last for 15 minutes.

The four parachutists have each logged over 1,000 jumps and are very precise. ‘If you put a dollar on the ground, they can land on it,’ said Mr. Kettner.

In addition to their George Town appearance, the parachutists will do a second jump at the Bodden Town District Day, on Coe Wood Beach, on Monday 13 November at 4.30 pm.

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