Get rid of plastic

I come from Mauritius and the government has reacted to the environment problem and has recognised that plastic bags indeed are a nuisance to the environment especially given the fact that they take many years to be naturally destroyed if left in nature.

The government came to increase tax on plastic bags and now all plastic bags that consumers get from the supermarkets etc. must be paid by the customer (before we got them free), and all the bags manufactured must be quickly biodegradable.

Imposing tax on plastic bags will cater for the environment problem but will also raise revenue to the Cayman government.

I am sure in Cayman, most households have plastic bags (obtained from the supermarkets) more than they can use for garbage etc. There are just too many.

Cayman Islands is beautiful but with human activities it may become ugly if there are no practical regulations to preserve its beauty.

Time for action is now, not when it is too late and irreversible.

Pravin Koonjee

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