Today’s Editorial November 08: Park plan perfect

Government’s plan to sell small tracts of public land for the greater good of the community as a whole is an idea whose time has come.

The plan is to sell off these small tracts of land, put the proceeds in a specific account and use the accumulated money to buy larger pieces of land for parks.

We hope our leaders take the idea to the next level and adopt legislation.

Many subdivisions throughout Grand Cayman have land dedicated and zoned as public spaces.

But more often than not those spaces are overgrown with bush and aren’t used by anyone, except in a few instances where illegal drug trade is taking place.

The law is and has been on the books that calls for up to five percent of a development to be designated public open space.

By adopting legislation that would let Government sell the smaller pieces of land and buy larger tracts, it would actually be obeying the Planning Law.

We need areas for parks and walkways in our neighbourhoods.

They will mean there are more places for picnics, playgrounds, running with the dog or exercising.

Everybody loves a park.

And not each park has to be the same.

Some could contain soccer fields, tennis courts or basketball courts.

The bottom line is that more green spaces need to be added to subdivisions to give residents a chance to get out and congregate and play.

We often hear children lament that there’s nothing to do during the summer or after school. Parks will give them the perfect place to explore nature and use their imaginations in play.

The parks can be areas of education, too.

We can take a queue from Dart, which has placed parks throughout the districts of the Cayman Islands, filling them flora that is native to the country.

We applaud Government’s idea. Let’s turn it into a plan and get to work quickly.

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