Silver Thatch at $150M

Silver Thatch Pension Plan has reached $150 million in assets under management, securing its position as one of the largest pension providers in the Cayman Islands.

Carlyle McLaughlin, chairman of the plan, said the achievement could be attributed to consistent net growth in clients, superior investment returns and reducing expenses to minimum, states a press release.

‘Our proven track record of success has helped us acquire a significant number of new member companies, growing our active membership to over 12, 000,’ he said. ‘By reaching this milestone Silver Thatch has achieved economies of scale that will reduce the expenses for every dollar managed in the plan’.

Silver Thatch launched its Profile portfolios in 2005, replacing its traditional one-size-fits-al’ investment fund with a competitive range of bespoke funds.

‘The Profile portfolios improve the distribution of investment risk our members take,’ Mr. McLaughlin said. ‘These Profile portfolios allow us to tailor the level of risk each of our members’ investments predicated upon their personal circumstances.

‘We are producing solid results with the plan’s Profiles portfolio, generating a return of 12.29 per cent for the Aggressive Fund, 11.01 per cent for the Growth Fund, 8.11 per cent for the Balanced Fund and 4.53 per cent for the Conservative Fund for the 12 months ended 30 June 2006,’ Mr. McLaughlin said.

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