Jobs for Caymanians

Anyone who listens to the talk shows knows my opinion that the rollover policy, whatever else it may or may not achieve, will not create jobs for Caymanians.

I’m also very clear in my views that part of the reason for the glass ceiling and other abuses of the long standing Caymanians first immigration policy is the blatant abuse of the system by some employers and lack of enforcement.

I just picked up the Friday Compass and saw in the employment section just how blatant this is getting.

I guess we’ve all become inured to such things as employers not putting salaries on job ads, but what do we see today right away repeated in three prominent box ads on the first two pages of employment ads, but applications are accepted from Caymanians, Cayman Status Holders and Permanent Residents with the right to work.

Everybody knows this is a coded way of saying the even more blatant prior to the renewal of a work permit in a job ad, but both codes are designed to put off Caymanians from even applying for jobs, as they can tell from the code that the employer already has a work permit holder there.

All that responsible businesses want to know is a) what the rules are, and b) that they will be enforced.

This applies whether it be related to immigration or such other under-enforced matters as employers paying medical / pension / overtime / vacation pay for their staff.

We have enough uncertainty right now in the business world, what we need now is for the rules we have to be enforced, not just for layer upon layer of regulation without teeth to be piled on.

Tom McCallum

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