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Bureaucracy stalls request for immigration report

The bureaucratic process associated with the Cayman Islands Freedom of Information Law will stall requests for the release of an immigration consultant’s report (also known as the “David Ritch report”) for at least several more weeks, the Cayman Compass has been informed.

EDITORIAL – Government’s contempt for PR applications

The immigration story that appears on the front page of today’s Cayman Compass is one of triumph and despair.

The wait

EDITORIAL – The Progressives’ unfinished business

The clock is ticking on the Progressives administration. In the coming months, our elected government will be subject to intensified scrutiny as to what it has done — and what it hasn’t.

EDITORIAL – What Bermuda’s immigration debate means for Cayman

The Bermuda government’s announced intention to pursue dramatic immigration reforms has plunged our North Atlantic cousin into a state of unrest — somewhere between existential conversation and outright crisis.


EDITORIAL – Cayman must move on its 650 stagnant PR applications

With none of the 650 permanent residence applications submitted since October 2013 having been dealth with, the lives of these long-term residents remain in abeyance, hostage to a system which, demonstrably, has failed them – and is failing our country.

Gunmen hold up jewelry store in Camana Bay, escape with diamonds

Although nearly 650 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed since October 2013, not a single one was accepted or denied during the past year, according to Immigration Department records.

No permanent residency approvals granted in 2015

Although nearly 650 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed since October 2013, not a single one was accepted or denied during the past year, according to Immigration Department records.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Fees deny 20-year resident Caymanian status

Nearly $50,000 in purported outstanding immigration-related fees have so far prevented a Cayman resident from obtaining the right to be Caymanian under the Cayman Islands Immigration Law, according to court records made public last week.

The appeal

Immigration counters to close over holidays

The Department of Immigration has announced it will close its headquarters at 11:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve and reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 29.


6-month permit for tourists, not workers

Cayman's six-month visitor permit is largely for the benefit of 'snowbird' visitors, not departing workers.

Immigration revenues at $89.5 million

The Cayman Islands Immigration Department took in $89.5 million in revenues during the last government budget year, nearly tripling fees collected by the agency from a decade ago.

No PR grants yet under new law

More than 500 non-Caymanians have applied for permanent resident status in the Cayman Islands over the past two years under the revised Immigration Law, but so far none have been awarded that status.

Five fisherman rescued from sinking boat

A boat captain came to the rescue of a group of fishermen discovered clinging to the upturned hull of their sinking boat in waters off South Sound.

Premier: Government taking permanent resident ruling ‘seriously’

Cayman's premier says his government is taking legal concerns about the local immigration system "very seriously."

Permanent resident test classes to resume in October

Study classes for non-Caymanians taking the Immigration Department’s permanent residence exam – or those who just want to learn more about the Cayman Islands – will resume in October.

Eight recruits join police ranks

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service welcomed eight new Caymanian recruits to its ranks.

An argument for cruise berthing facilities

An argument for why the Cayman Islands needs a cruise berthing facility.

Lawyer: New Labour Law adds costs

Local businesses should brace for big change when new labor legislation takes effect, a local attorney advises.

'Rollover' backlog finally cleared

Cayman may have finally cleared the immigration backlog created by the advent of the rollover policy in 2004.

'Permanent Residence': What a line!

As the many trials of applicants for permanent residence continue, the entire process seems to say, "We don't want you here."

Residency application tests under way

Prospective permanent residents in the Cayman Islands are now being tested on their grasp of local history and culture.

Cayman will set time limits for prohibited immigrants

Cayman seeks to set 'time limits' on prohibited immigrants.

Cayman, Cuba agree to faster repatriation

Officials from Cuba and the Cayman Islands signed a new memorandum of understanding Friday which they say will help speed up the process of repatriating migrants that land illegally in the territory.

Man gets 30 days for immigration offenses

A Colombian national was sentenced to 30 days in prison for failing to reveal in an immigration form that he had a criminal record.

Cubans break out of detention center

Six Cuban refugees were on the run on Tuesday after breaking out of the Immigration Detention Centre.

Police launch local recruitment drive

Police Commissioner David Baines kicked off a recruitment drive for Caymanian police officers Wednesday.

Cuba, Cayman talks set to resume on status of refugees

Representatives from Cuba and Cayman will meet soon for further negotiations on an agreement regarding treatment and repatriation of Cuban migrants.

Policy on Cuban migrants 'taking longer than expected'

A new policy governing repatriation of Cuban migrants who land illegally in the Cayman Islands will not be completed until at least mid-2015, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s office indicated last week.

Cuban migrants flood Cayman Brac

Vastly increased numbers of Cuban migrant boaters are being found all over the Caribbean, including in the Cayman Islands area.

Residency applications plummet

Permanent residence applications in Cayman drop off following big changes in the Immigration Law.

Government clears way for PR applications

A significant number of changes are made that affect people applying for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands.

Immigration office hours

The Department of Immigration announced when it will be closed during the festive season.

Cayman’s changing skylines, coastlines and bloodlines

Immigration statistics suggest that one out of every five people living in the Cayman Islands has been granted permanent residence or Caymanian status within the past seven years.

Government pledges to fix immigration 'anomaly'

Lawmakers try to fix a legal oddity that's causing headaches for Caymanians who are married to foreign nationals.

US quintuples application fees for renouncing citizenship

Application fees for processing US citizenship renunciations rise as the number of Americans seeking to remove their citizenship status increases.

PR backlog: ‘Far more’ than reported

The backlog of permanent residence applications in Cayman is likely far more than recent reports indicate.

New PR applications stuck in bureaucracy

Ten months later, government is still trying to decide what to do with new permanent residence applications.

Judge orders Jamaican helper can stay … for now

A Jamaican helper who is being kicked out of Cayman after 20 years doesn't have to leave just yet.

Acker aims for Stroke high five

The hugely popular Stroke and Stride series is approaching and although it is in peak holiday time, it will get a sizeable turn out as athletes return from their summer breaks and prepare for the big sporting events at the end of the year.

More than 400 expats get permission to stay

The number of work permits held in the Cayman Islands took an unusual jump this summer, a time when tourism-related businesses in the islands are typically winding down and permit numbers tend to dip.

Auditors hire outside help

Cayman's audit office is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants in lieu of having its own staff.

Damage to passport nets $750 fine

A British man is fined $750 by immigration for tearing pages out of his passport.

Non-Caymanians can test ‘PR readiness’

Can you qualify for PR? Now, you can go on the immigration website and find out for yourself.

Court case: Helper ordered out after 20 years

A Jamaican woman who has lived in Cayman as a legal resident for the last two decades was recently given 90 days to leave the islands after her appeal for permanent residence was denied.

Lobbying listed in London office duties

The new head of the Cayman Islands London office will be a lobbyist as well as an administrator.

Acker expects tight finish again

Marius Acker has such a competitive streak that he rarely needs extra motivation when preparing to defend one of his many titles.

Police recruit granted Caymanian status

While a young police recruit was granted Caymanian status on Friday, other young people are caught up in the intricacies of local immigration laws that could end with their being sent to their country of origin, where they have no family ties.

West Bay MLAs want nannies exempted from rollover

Opposition lawmakers want to exempt specialist nurses and caregivers from the rollover policy.

‘Phase 2’ of immigration reform delayed

Government plans on the next step toward immigration reform are still a bit opaque.

Residence renewals get complicated

Simply renewing permanent resident immigration status in the Cayman Islands has gotten a lot more difficult.

Obscure questions stump PR applicants

From turtle soup and famous fiddlers to obscure navy codenames and the ingredients of heavy cake - the range of questions being posed to people seeking permanent residency has left some applicants wondering - "Are we being set up to fail?"

PR board hasn't heard any applications under new law

No permanent residence applications under Cayman's new Immigration Law have been heard, nearly five months after the legislation took effect.

Family court rulings made public

The Cayman Islands starts making the details of certain family court cases public.

Immigration appeals cases get tougher

Trying to fight against the denial of a permanent residence application in Cayman just got a whole lot tougher.

500 TLEP holders leave Cayman

A third of foreign workers who held Term Limit Exemption Permits have left the Cayman Islands rather than seek new work permits or apply for permanent residency.

Court bans US businesswoman from Cayman trip

An American businesswoman charged with tax fraud has been told she cannot travel to the Cayman Islands to discuss a potential “waste to energy” business deal with politicians in the territory.

Gov’t still seeking PR-status board

More than six months after taking office, government has yet to form a key immigration-related board.

‘Working by operation of law’ rules change

Some legal processes in Cayman's Immigration Law have changed and could catch permanent resident applicants off guard.

Flood of expats to immigration likely

Cayman residents who don't hold Term Limit Exemption Permits might try to avoid the Immigration Department building for the next two days.

Deep political divides on immigration bill

Fundamental changes to Cayman's immigration policies are approved in a split vote by lawmakers.

Civil service: Concerns about separation policy

It seems the civil service doesn't like a new government voluntary separation policy very much.

Immigration review: Jamaicans, Filipinos, older people lose residency points

Getting permanent residence in Cayman is made more difficult for Jamaicans, Filipinos and anyone over age 60.

Civil servants have month to weigh ‘separation’

It's not really an early retirement, but....

$100M surplus projected in gov’t budget

The new government budget posts an ambitious plan for an operating budget surplus.

Government pushes for companies to hire locals

Premier Alden McLaughlin promised a "two-pronged approach" to resolve the territory's problems with local unemployment Thursday in his first address to the Chamber of Commerce legislative luncheon.

Ten-year work permits abolished

Long term work permits for Cayman Islands executives prove to be a short-lived concept.

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