Damage to passport nets $750 fine

A British national who apparently tore four pages out of his passport book received a $750 fine while in transit through the Cayman Islands, local immigration officials confirmed Tuesday.

The man, who was not identified because there were no criminal charges filed against him, was stopped by immigration officers Sunday night en route from Cuba to Miami, Florida, Deputy Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith said.

Mr. Smith said the fines were given for “being in possession of an altered or irregular document” and was handled administratively through the Immigration Department, rather than through the local courts.

After paying the fine, the man – who is also a permanent resident in the United States – was allowed to travel onward to Miami, Mr. Smith said.

“He had concerns about his travel to Cuba,” Mr. Smith said, referring to laws in the U.S. that allow for fines of up to US$10,000 for anyone who travels to Cuba within the prior 18 months of their entry into the States.