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Overstayer amnesty ends next month

An amnesty that allowed people who overstayed their immigration visas due to the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions will end on 31 Oct.

Should Cayman offer a COVID safe haven for remote workers?

Bermuda and Barbados have moved to offer new temporary residency models to attract remote workers to their shores and stimulate economic activity amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

WORC asks employers to report cancelled work permits

Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman has reminded employers of their legal obligation to notify the department if employment of any staff member has ended.
In this screengrab from video, temporary Speaker of the House Anthony Eden presides of Thursday's meeting of the Legislative Assembly

Changes to work-permit process approved

Changes to Cayman’s immigration laws will allow employers to file work-permit renewal applications online, without the need for new police clearance and medical certificates
Q&A: Ask the Experts - HSM Chambers

Q&A: Ask the Experts – HSM Chambers

Have questions about how COVID-19 impacts your immigration status? Are you an employer wondering what coronavirus restrictions mean for your businesses' ability to hire...

Year in review: Population surges amid work permit growth

Cayman’s work permit growth has always been a double-edged sword for successive governments. On one hand, it is a significant contributor to the public...

Immigration building still closed

The former immigration building on Elgin Avenue remains closed as remediation work continues. The office, which fields a large portion of immigration and work permit-related...

116 work permit probes to date

More than $289,475 in administrative immigration fees have been levied for 116 work permit offences for 2019 to date.

Air circulation issues impact WORC office operations

Some members of the public were turned away from the Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC) Elgin Avenue office on Friday.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

Business owners want to ditch rollover

Business owners would like to see a review of Cayman’s ‘rollover’ policy, requiring work permit holders to either leave the island or apply for permanent residency status after nine years.

EDITORIAL – A clear picture of a thriving economy

The governor's observations about Cayman's workforce were clearly intended to be positive and unifying. They should not have been controversial.

UK government rejects demands on same-sex marriage, immigration

The UK government has rejected demands by the Foreign Affairs Committee that it should enforce the legalisation of same-sex marriages and abolish belongership, the equivalent of Caymanian status, in the overseas territories.

Cuban migrants get another shot at asylum

Seven Cuban migrants who were initially denied asylum will have their cases heard again after the Grand Court ruled on Friday that government did not properly consider their applications.

Letter: Permanent residents and work permit fees

In effect, government is saying: “We will reluctantly let you in through the front door while Uncle Europe is looking from across the pond. But once you are inside, we will find an excuse to unceremoniously ease you out through the back door.”

English test conspiracy, fraud trial nears end

A Grand Court trial now in its seventh week is nearing its end as Justice Philip St. John-Stevens was scheduled to continue summing up the matter on Monday.

EDITORIAL – What Bermuda can learn from Cayman … and vice versa

We have our own leaders and community members who employ harmful rhetoric to stoke discontent, while peddling regressive protectionist policies.

Evidence concluded in immigration conspiracy trial

Evidence concluded late Friday in the trial of five immigration officers and two civilians charged with conspiracy to commit fraud against the government.

Morici: Trump gets tough with immigrants on welfare

America needs more skilled immigrants to grow rapidly and compete internationally.

​Man arrested for attempting to skip immigration line

While travelers lined up at the immigration line at Owen Roberts International Airport on Tuesday night to enter the territory, one man apparently thought he did not have to go through that process.

EDITORIAL – One man’s tortuous road to Cayman status

Terrance William Delaney must hold the record for endurance in battling the bureaucracy and, in particular, the Cayman Immigration Board.

EDITORIAL – Work permit stats reflect Cayman’s changing face

New immigration figures confirm that the Cayman Islands population is not just changing; it has already changed.

‘Fair employment’ bill due in September

Cayman Islands lawmakers finished debating a raft of legal changes to immigration rules Wednesday night, but it appears that legislation is just the start of a major overhaul for the system that now allows the employment of nearly 26,000 foreign workers within the British Overseas Territory.

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s success depends on growth and diversity

It is good that Premier McLaughlin has correctly recognized the increasingly cosmopolitan makeup of our growing society, and the growing diversity among the Caymanian half of our population.

Ghostly citizenship

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Seven arrested in immigration sweeps

The Department of Immigration’s Enforcement Division arrested seven people suspected of being in breach of immigration law as part of an operation that included 30 spot checks in the past two weeks


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Staff Headquarters

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More immigration staffers charged in fraud case

Seven more people, including three immigration officials, were charged Tuesday and Wednesday in connection with an ongoing fraud investigation at the Immigration Department.

Speedy passports

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EDITORIAL – Dilly-dallying and bureaucratic delays at Immigration

How long does it take to stamp a passport? Five seconds? Maybe 10 seconds, if you fumble the pages? How about six months?
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EDITORIAL – On the Stephens ‘non-deportation’: We got it right

No one likes to be wrong – not the Compass, not Cabinet, not a Chief Officer. But people with courage, at minimum, choose to own their own words – and their own mistakes.

Cayman closes in on 26,000 work permits

There were 25,870 work permits and government contracts for non-Caymanian workers active in the Cayman Islands as of Tuesday, according to records from the Immigration Department.

‘Ritch report’ makes ministry poor

An immigration consultancy report, penned at a cost of $312,000 and kept from public view, put the government Ministry of Home Affairs over budget during the year it was commissioned, according to an evaluation done by Cayman’s auditor general.

EDITORIAL – ‘No one is so deaf as he who will not listen’

Cayman must not close its mind to outside ideas or outsiders who are able and willing to contribute to the well-being of these islands. They are a resource far too valuable to turn away.

EDITORIAL: The need for clarity – and candor – on immigration issues

In his annual speech to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce last week, Premier Alden McLaughlin promised “radical” changes to local immigration and labor policies.

Premier: More than 800 residency bids decided, with 400 to go

With about two-thirds of Cayman’s backlogged permanent residency applications decided, government records show about 65 percent of those bids have been approved since last June.

Premier foreshadows more immigration changes

Although his annual speech to the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Thursday was short on specifics, Premier Alden McLaughlin said further “radical” changes to local immigration and labor policies would be forthcoming during his national unity government’s term in office.

Rahn: Immigration and ‘rathole’ countries

Without some reasonable controls on the nation’s borders, the US will always be overrun with more people than can be easily absorbed.

Immigration halfway through permanent residence backlog

Cayman Islands immigration authorities have dealt with just more than half of all outstanding applications for permanent residence, according to figures released Tuesday by the Immigration Department.

38 immigration staff process $100 million in annual fees

Less than one-quarter of the civil servants working in the Cayman Islands Immigration Department collect the vast majority – budgeted at more than $200 million over the next two years – of revenues paid for various work permit, residency and other fees charged for immigration services.

Status application delayed for 5 years over residency fees

A substance abuse counselor, who was required to pay a doctor’s work permit fees to maintain his permanent residence in the Cayman Islands, has sued a government-appointed immigration board over its refusal to hear his Caymanian status application since 2012.

Thousands receive ‘right to be Caymanian’ since 2009

More than 3,700 people have received grants of Caymanian status via either the naturalization (citizenship) process or through marriage to a Caymanian since January 2009, according to records presented to the Legislative Assembly by Premier Alden McLaughlin last week.

Six more gain permanent residence after waiting 4+ years

A woman who waited so long for a decision on her permanent residence application that her son became Caymanian during the delay period is one of six people recently granted residency. She applied more than four years ago.

Governor to expedite citizenship bids

Recent permanent residence grantees who have waited more than 15 months to receive that immigration status may now apply immediately for naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

Lawmakers in quandary over proving Caymanian status

It seems individuals sometimes referred to as “ghost Caymanians,” as well as multigenerational Caymanians born in the islands, have a shared immigration problem that is now haunting members of the Legislative Assembly.

EDITORIAL – Rejecting ‘prejudice’: The day our premier spoke for all of Cayman

Are some individuals in Cayman “better off” than others? Of course. Is almost everyone in Cayman – to a man, woman and child – “better off” now than they would have been in Cayman’s economy of 60 years ago? Also of course.

Premier: Cayman must reject ‘insular thinking’ and ‘prejudice’

The Cayman Islands must spurn isolationism and “over-protectionist” political policies if the British Overseas Territory is to continue to thrive as it has done for the past 40 years, Premier Alden McLaughlin said Monday night.

Third lawmaker backs limit on Caymanian status grants

Deputy Opposition Leader Alva Suckoo said Thursday that government should “strongly consider” limiting grants of Caymanian status only to individuals who were Caymanian by descent or who had received that status through marriage.

EDITORIAL – Immigration: Government’s third largest revenue source

The bottom line is, government has no business treating the “immigration business” as a cash cow for the public coffers.

EDITORIAL – A fresh start possible for Immigration

The new immigration chief must have the expertise, talent and drive to drag the immigration department out of its current difficulties and shape it into the efficient and effective government service that Cayman expects and deserves.

277 residency applications decided over last two months

Within the last two months, Cayman Islands government officials have made decisions on 277 applications for permanent residence.

EDITORIAL – Immigration nightmare: Time for Cayman to ‘give up the ghost’

Whether it’s achieved through Cabinet action, immigration legislation or some combination of the two, the only rational solution is for these people to be regularized and recognized as the Caymanians they are.

Government gets through 15 months of permanent residence backlog

Thanks largely to marathon hearings that started on July 31, the Cayman Islands Immigration Department has finished considering the vast majority of backlogged permanent residence applications filed between October 2013 and December 2014.

EDITORIAL – ‘The long goodbye’: Waide DaCosta’s ‘exit interview’

When Mr. DaCosta published his scathing critiques last week, he never addressed why during his tenure (which spanned four different government administrations), he never spoke up — or stepped down.

Will Congress be stirred from its slumber?

What Obama did was popular and unconstitutional. The latter attribute probably does not interest Obama’s successor, but the former attribute evidently does.

Former PR board chair ‘not a proponent’ of residency system

The former head of the Cayman Islands government board tasked with approving Caymanian status and permanent residence applications said in a statement last week that he was “not a proponent” of the 2013 system that granted residence to non-Caymanian applicants.

Immigration shake-up: PR Chairman Waide DaCosta replaced

The Cayman Islands government appointed new leadership to the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board amid a slew of changes to immigration-related governing bodies Wednesday.

Legal action leads to more permanent residency grants

Five more permanent residence applicants who challenged years-long delays in the processing of their cases have been granted the right to remain in Cayman for the rest of their life, according to their attorneys.

Senior immigration officer’s trial resumes for 2013 traffic charges

Trial resumed on Tuesday for senior immigration officer Garfield Wong, who has pleaded not guilty to charges arising from a traffic accident in December 2013.

Residency delays may clear up by mid-2018

A backlog of more than 1,100 permanent residence applications – some of which have been in limbo for three or four years – could be cleared by mid-2018 if immigration officials continue the pace they set in August for hearing those applications.

Morici: Immigration reform will make US more prosperous

America’s immigration policy sorely needs modernization. By endorsing reforms offered by Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, President Trump offers Congress an opportunity to better consider how new arrivals can contribute to national prosperity.

Good news

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EDITORIAL – Work permit backlog: ‘Help Wanted’ (needed) at Immigration

Lines are lengthening, applications are piling up, and tales of dysfunction are spilling out. Just another day at the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration.

Immigration swamped with over 18,000 work permit applications

A much larger number of work permit applications than a year ago are being handled by a reduced Immigration Department staff, leading to longer-than-usual delays in acquiring permission to work for non-Caymanians.

Big increase in residency approvals

Nearly 80 percent of the permanent residence applications heard last week were approved by government officials. According to the Cayman Islands Immigration Department, 27 residency applications were granted between Aug. 7 and Aug. 10; five applications were denied.

CaymanMan: New Job

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Premier: New hires to speed permanent residence process

Six new employees are being brought in to speed up the processing of more than 1,000 permanent residence applications, Immigration Minister and Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin said Friday.

More than 1,100 applicants await residency hearings

Before the Cayman Islands government began hearing backlogged permanent residence applications last month, more than 1,100 people had applied for that status, according to figures obtained via open records.

EDITORIAL: PR backlog: The line is getting longer!

This isn’t working, and unless major changes are made, it can never work.

Survey asks public how to fix immigration

The Cayman Islands government is asking everyone in the islands to provide feedback on how to improve customer service and operations at the local Immigration Department.

Permanent residence applications: 8 approved, 10 denied

Eight permanent residence applications have been approved since May and 10 have been denied, according to figures released Friday by the Cayman Islands government.

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