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Lindsay: The right to be Caymanian, and losing it

Maintaining your status as a Caymanian means that you are at the top of the list under the Law for prospective employers to consider for job opportunities.

Independents ‘wrong’ on immigration issue, premier says

Banning grants of Caymanian status to long-term non-Caymanian workers who have no family ties to the Cayman Islands would be a “regressive” move that would hurt the local economy and the average Caymanian worker, Premier Alden McLaughlin said last week.

Miller, McLean: No PR for Cayman’s ‘economic migrants’

Two independent opposition MLAs said they oppose granting permanent resident status to long-term Cayman Islands workers who do not have direct family connections to the islands, in comments made during budget debates over the past week.

EDITORIAL – Return to sender: Cayman’s policy on Cuban migrants

The photograph of the Cuban boat on the front page of Tuesday’s newspaper is an image of a dream deferred.

Immigration: Cuban boat in South Sound will be moved

An abandoned Cuban boat that has been beached in South Sound since May 6 will be removed within a few days, Cayman Islands Immigration Department officials said Monday.

Four arrested for smuggling, illegal landing

Police arrested two Cubans and two men from Cayman in East End on Thursday evening after receiving a report of a “suspicious vessel” making its way to shore.

Cuban migrants overflow detention center

Cayman Islands Immigration Department officials have a total of 116 Cuban migrants in custody at various locations, with a little less than half now being kept at various community centers on Grand Cayman.

Boatload of Cubans lands in Brac

Some 21 Cubans landed in Cayman Brac on Sunday and were taken into custody by authorities prior to their pending transfer to Grand Cayman.

Immigration officer not guilty of pepper spray charge

An immigration officer was found not guilty on Monday after a four-day trial on a charge of aiding and abetting the possession of a prohibited weapon.

12 Cuban migrants repatriated

A dozen Cuban migrants were repatriated from the Cayman Islands to Havana last week.

Late PR

EDITORIAL – Absolute Zero: PR applications put in deep freeze

The Progressives government’s real immigration policy is to have zero immigration.

PR applicant misses deadline by one day

A permanent residence-seeker had his application to stay in the Cayman Islands for the rest of his life rejected because he missed the filling deadline by a single day, according to claims made in the Grand Court last month.

Cubans out of community centers, immigration officials confirm

An acute overcrowding situation involving dozens of Cuban migrants who were forced to temporarily live in various community centers on Grand Cayman has subsided, at least for the time being, Immigration Department officials confirmed Wednesday.

Work permit

EDITORIAL – Ezzard versus ‘The Jordanian’ (and free speech)

When anybody defends their right to express their opinions, we take notice, listen carefully and almost always support them.

Political subversion alleged against ‘the Jordanian’

An outspoken Cayman Islands resident was accused in 2012 and again in 2014 of engaging in politically subversive activity by a lawmaker, according to government records obtained by the Cayman Compass.

EDITORIAL – What Bermuda’s immigration debate means for Cayman

The Bermuda government’s announced intention to pursue dramatic immigration reforms has plunged our North Atlantic cousin into a state of unrest — somewhere between existential conversation and outright crisis.

Women remanded for immigration scam

Two women are scheduled to be sentenced on March 8 for their roles in an immigration scam that led people to hand over $2,500 each in the belief that they would be granted permanent residence.

Public agency job applicants asked nationality, birthplace

A number of Cayman Islands government agencies have used employment application forms in 2015 and 2016 that ask job-seekers to distinguish between their nationality “at birth” and their current nationality, or to provide their “place of birth” on the form.

Data: Work permits up, unemployment down

A decade’s worth of data from the Immigration Department and the government statistics office examined by the Cayman Compass shows a clear link between the number of foreign workers on the islands and the unemployment rate.

EDITORIAL – Cayman must move on its 650 stagnant PR applications

With none of the 650 permanent residence applications submitted since October 2013 having been dealth with, the lives of these long-term residents remain in abeyance, hostage to a system which, demonstrably, has failed them – and is failing our country.

Cuban migrants took illegal Cayman ‘vacation’

Two Cuban migrants pleaded guilty on Friday to landing without permission of immigration officials, telling the court they had turned themselves in after their money was spent.

Five Cubans repatriated

The Immigration department sent home five Cuban migrants Thursday, part of a wave of 135 people from Cuba who have landed on Cayman’s shores since the beginning of the year.

Gunmen hold up jewelry store in Camana Bay, escape with diamonds

Although nearly 650 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed since October 2013, not a single one was accepted or denied during the past year, according to Immigration Department records.

No permanent residency approvals granted in 2015

Although nearly 650 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed since October 2013, not a single one was accepted or denied during the past year, according to Immigration Department records.

Two Cuban migrants found 17 days after landing

Immigration authorities arrested two Cuban migrants Tuesday, 17 days after they landed at Beach Bay with about two dozen others.

Cuban boat abandoned and decaying on Beach Bay

El Arca landed at Beach Bay Jan. 31. More than 30 people squeezed aboard the estimated 24-foot wooden sailboat for the journey from Cuba to Honduras, where the refugees could travel north by land to the United States.

Disney ship picks up 12 Cubans at sea

The Disney Wonder cruise ship picked up 12 Cuban migrants while sailing from Miami to Grand Cayman Saturday night.

Cuban influx taking its toll

Nearly $1 million has been spent since July handling an ever-increasing number of Cuban migrants who land in the Cayman Islands.

Five Cubans plead guilty to escaping custody

Five Cubans who escaped from custody were sentenced to one day in prison when they appeared in Summary Court on Thursday.

Police search for 3 Cubans who landed Sunday

Three people from Cuba are on the run in Grand Cayman after landing at Beach Bay on Sunday. Police rescued another 15 migrants who ran into difficulties at sea on Monday.

Police informant fighting deportation

Marlon Dillon, the bank robber turned police informant, has launched a new legal battle to prevent him from being sent home to Jamaica. Dillon is...

Will: Misjudging Rubio

George Will WASHINGTON – What boxer Sonny Liston’s manager said of him (Sonny had his good points, the trouble was his bad points) is true...

Illegal lander worked for $5–$10 per day

A man who identified himself as a Cuban national pleaded guilty in Summary Court on Tuesday afternoon to illegal landing and working without a permit.

Police arrest two men at sea

Two men were arrested Sunday after being intercepted by marine police officers 10 miles off Barkers in West Bay.

Cuban migrants land on Cayman Brac

Several Cuban migrants are currently being held in the Immigration Reception Centre after arriving in Cayman Brac Monday afternoon.

New labor and pensions director named

A former pensions inspector, police officer and immigration officer has been named to head the Department of Labour and Pensions, succeeding former director Mario Ebanks.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

Premier Alden McLaughlin: Suckoo, Eden departures ‘unfortunate’

Premier Alden McLaughlin has described as “unfortunate” the defection of a second backbench legislator to the opposition benches.

Extradition approved for Romanian fugitive

The founder of the Romanian police’s secret service will be sent back to his home country to face jail time for corruption, a court in the Cayman Islands ruled this week.

At year’s end: Future paths, old obstacles

As 2015 draws to a close, the Compass Editorial Board looks at some of the obstacles facing Cayman, a number of which can be turned into opportunities for advancement and improvement.

Helping out during the holidays

Between the unwrapping of Christmas gifts and popping of New Year’s champagne bottles, let’s take a moment to recognize some of the good works being done this holiday season by Cayman Islands residents.

Editorial year in review: Immigration and employment

A look back at editorials on immigration unemployment in 2015.

Top stories of 2015: Lawmaker's motion against same-sex unions sparks debate

A speech on the topic of same-sex unions made in the Legislative Assembly in August, sparked a months-long and still ongoing debate that pitted members of the Cayman Islands government against those advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Immigration officers on Christmas mission

More than three boxes and three bags full of toys and books, collected by the Immigration Department, were delivered to the Cayman Islands Hospital’s pediatric ward last week.

Chief immigration officer's fate unresolved

Cayman’s chief immigration officer will be spending her second holiday season on paid suspension, with an administrative matter pending against her remaining unresolved.

Men plead guilty after weight of ganja reduced

Three men accused of importing ganja pleaded guilty on Monday after their charge was amended with a lesser weight.

Woman found guilty in immigration scam

Marcia Angella Hamilton, 46, was found guilty on Tuesday of six counts of obtaining property by deception.

'Tax-onomy': Our potholes and pitfalls

Cayman's image as a "low-tax" or even "tax-free" jurisdiction has been most useful as a marketing tool. Unfortunately, it's not entirely true.

Fees deny 20-year resident Caymanian status

Nearly $50,000 in purported outstanding immigration-related fees have so far prevented a Cayman resident from obtaining the right to be Caymanian under the Cayman Islands Immigration Law, according to court records made public last week.

The appeal

Professor: Same-sex unions legislation 'inevitable' in Cayman

When human rights professor Robert Wintemute visited the Cayman Islands in January to deliver a critique of the islands’ “out of date” laws on rights for homosexuals, he hoped to start a conversation.

Cayman gets a 'C' on open data in global rankings

In a global index on open government data the Cayman Islands scored 61, on par with Pakistan and Russia.

Lighted beacon shines the way home

Lighted beacons were strategically placed around the island to aid mariners in navigation.

PR application, appeal take eight years

A man whose application for permanent residence took more than eight years from the date it was filed to when it was rejected by an appeals body has sued the Cayman Islands government, seeking re-consideration of the case.

Immigration counters to close over holidays

The Department of Immigration has announced it will close its headquarters at 11:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve and reopen at 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 29.


Real Caymanian

Gay rights battle paralleled in Bermuda

A landmark ruling in the Supreme Court of Bermuda giving same-sex couples equal rights on immigration and employment issues has been cited as further evidence that the Cayman Islands needs to modernize its own laws.

MLA Alva Suckoo silent on future plans

Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo declined to discuss on Monday any future political plans he may have with regard to political party membership.

Connolly cannot get backing for ban on handouts

Independent legislator Winston Connolly has voiced his disappointment at the failure of his colleagues to support his calls for an end to the practice of politicians giving handouts to constituents.

Eden's Progressives departure sets off political uproar

The departure of long-serving Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden from the Progressives-led government last week sparked a behind-the-scenes political scramble and was viewed by some Cayman politics insiders as a potential foreshadowing of others leaving the Progressives party. Mr. Eden said he would sit on the other side of the Legislative Assembly when the House next meets in the new year.

MLA Eden leaves PPM over civil union issue

A founding member of the People’s Progressive Movement political party left the organization Thursday after a months-long dispute over the legal acceptance of same-sex unions in the Cayman Islands.

Defendant fails to return to Cayman for deception trial

A man who failed to show up for his trial on deception and forgery charges on Monday had his cash bond of $10,000 forfeited and a warrant issued for his arrest.

Efforts to help migrants thwarted by police

A group of Cayman Islands residents who chartered a vessel to try to bring food and water to migrants on a ramshackle boat say marine police prevented them from assisting the men.

Manderson: 'Confusion' over job-hopping

Significant confusion has arisen in recent months as to whether work permit holders employed in one occupation can “switch jobs” to a completely different profession.

Premier condemns anti-business rhetoric

Premier Alden McLaughlin admonished legislators for anti-business, anti-expat rhetoric that he warned risked hurting the island’s economy. The premier supported an amended version of a private members’ motion from backbencher Winston Connolly, who called for changes to business licensing laws to encourage training, development and ownership opportunities for Caymanians.

Straight talk on gay marriage

On some subjects, particularly ones whose fundamental nature is cultural or moral, there is no clear opportunity for compromise. In the Cayman Islands, same-sex marriage is one of these.

Premier, human rights body clash on same-sex unions

The government cannot consider any request to recognize same sex unions, Premier Alden McLaughlin said in a letter to the Human Rights Commission that was made public on Monday.

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