Robbery getaway driver challenges deportation

The police helicopter recorded the arrest of the Chisholm's Supermarket robbery suspects in September 2013.

A man who pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the Chisholm’s Supermarket robbery in North Side three years ago is challenging an order that seeks his removal from the Cayman Islands.

According to court records filed in November, Ian Fernando Ellington has requested that a judge review the chief immigration officer’s decision to declare Ellington a prohibited person, which would serve to send him out of the Cayman Islands pending the court’s review.

Ellington argues that he was not given a “fair and reasonable” chance at a hearing before the decision on Sept. 3, 2016 making him a prohibited person in the islands.

“Ian Fernando Ellington is married to a Caymanian and should be given a chance to put his case forward against being designated as a prohibited person,” the judicial review filing states.

Ellington was sentenced to two years in prison in March 2014 after pleading guilty to being an accessory after the fact to the Chisholm’s Supermarket robbery in September 2013.

He was originally charged, along with three other people, in connection with the robbery in which a firearm was used.

However, the accessory charge accused Ellington only of knowing that two other individuals had robbed the store and driving them away from the scene. Less than $1,500 was taken in the heist, but Grand Court Judge Charles Quin noted the incident put the store owner and his daughter in fear for their lives.

The robbery was widely publicized the day it occurred because of an ensuing chase of the suspects involving police patrol cars and the police helicopter.


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