Immigration officer, teen charged after police raid

A senior immigration officer and a teenager appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday morning, charged with various offenses in connection with an August police raid on the officer’s Savannah home.

Assistant Chief Immigration Officer Jeannie Lewis, 57, appeared before Magistrate Valdis Foldats. She is charged with permitting premises to be used for consumption of a controlled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Law and knowingly assisting a person to land in the Cayman Islands.

Neither offense falls under the local Penal Code. Section 3[2][b] of the Misuse of Drugs Law states: “A person commits an offence if, without lawful excuse or without being authorized in that behalf…frequents any place used for the purpose of consuming any controlled drug.”

The assisting charge falls under the Cayman Islands Immigration Law.

Defense attorney Richard Barton, who appeared on behalf of Lewis, said his client had not been served with court papers by the Crown as of Tuesday. Magistrate Foldats ordered that be done by Friday and asked that the case come back to court on Dec. 15 so that Lewis could enter a plea to the charges.

Mr. Barton said he also wanted to hold a case management hearing at that time. “We’re eager to move this matter along,” he told the court.

Gerald Jaleel Bush, 19, who appeared in the same court about an hour after Lewis, faced some charges related to the Aug. 25 raid and other charges “that were unrelated,” according to Magistrate Foldats.

The magistrate didn’t specify which of the four charges were related to the August police raid.

Bush was asked to return to court on Dec. 6.

The Immigration Department issued a statement Tuesday regarding Lewis’s arrest after charges were filed against her.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith said Lewis was put on required leave – suspension with pay – immediately after her arrest in the Aug. 25 police raid at her home.

“It is vital that the facts are thoroughly established as quickly as possible,” Mr. Smith said. “As such, the Department of Immigration will continue to fully cooperate with the investigation and will provide assistance or information to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Services as necessary in the public interest.”

Others charged

Two other men charged in connection with the Aug. 25 police operation in Savannah have already appeared before the court.

A Savannah resident appeared in Summary Court on Aug. 29, charged with possession of a revolver and ammunition without a firearms license. Jay Calvert Ebanks, 22, is accused of having the items at his residence on Aug. 25. Ebanks is also charged with possession of ganja with intent to supply, but no quantity was specified in the charge.

Another man arrested at the home, Antonio Bullard of the Bahamas, pleaded guilty to illegally landing in Cayman and was sentenced to 30 days’ imprisonment before being deported.

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